OOTD: The Whites Of Winter

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It feels as though this winter I haven’t sported many winter white looks. I think this is down to being heavily pregnant and pretty much restricted to wearing whatever fits and  pieces that consists of just so happens to consist of a darker pallet. As much as I love the classic, timeless and often the moodier nature of a black on black ensemble, an all white (ish) look is a style that definitely resonates with my soul more. In the summer it’s light, airy, consistent and feels aligned with the season and yet in the winter it can feel somewhat rebellious even with it’s innocent connotations.


I don’t know why this colour styled in the winter still feels more unexpected to me, I mean when you think of winter, one often thinks of snow and snow is white and so really it should make perfect sense and not feel unassociated with the season when it comes to style. It was undoubtedly refreshing to wear this outfit, I love the combination of the lighter and heavier materials. An important element to keep in mind when styling a monochromatic outfit is to play with different textures and to also opt for slightly different shades within the same colour spectrum, as this breaks the look up in a way that is subtle rather then too obvious.


The boots I’m wearing are almost fifteen years old maybe even more, I’ve told you before that I don’t throw out anything! I remember falling in love with them when I was a teenager and thinking they were like JLo boots! Yep, I thought I could be Jenny from the block if I had these, Ha! What you can’t see though is a faux fur trim around the top of the boots, told you, JLo circa 2004 boots. Anyway they returned for a day trip to complete my winter white look, faux fur trim not included, the world isn’t ready for that just yet!


Well, wishing you all a wonderful Friday. I hope you find ways to have fun this weekend. We need to prove to January that we can still create a fun atmosphere despite its attempts to dampen our vibe with its grey days!


Sending you lots of love, light and creative energy,

Daniella x







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