The Sneaker Report: 6 Chunky Styles To Update Your Wardrobe



sneaker 2



For what seems like an eternity I have been lusting after those chunky Balenciaga bastards but they are just soo expensive! I will never give up hope though! In the mean time the “Dad” sneaker obsession continues and today I have narrowed it down to my favourites! My second choice to the Balenciaga would of course be the Acne Studios Manhattan sneakers, another pair I have been crushing on for over a year now. But I have to say I love all these sneakers that i’m sharing with you today and I believe i’ve covered quite a wide spectrum in terms of pricing. The most affordable are the pair by New Balance at £60.00 and then of course the most expensive are the pair by Balenciaga at a whopping £695.00!


Whether you choose to wear them with a floaty floral dress, or a slip skirt with a chunky sweater,  your favourite pair of vintage Levis or embrace the sporty nature and style them with a pair of joggers, a neon turtleneck and a vinyl coat (sounds weird but would look very cool and current)  you’re going to nail this sneaker trend! Though however you choose to style them just remember to make it you and you’ll be golden. I know this style isn’t for everyone but for those who love these chunky sneakers as much I do, let me know your favourite pair!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



  1. Nike M2K Tekno Trainers – HERE
  2. Acne Trainers – HERE
  3. Balenciaga Trainers HERE

  4. Fila Disrupter Trainers – HERE
  5. Ash FLASH Trainers – HERE

  6. New Balance Trainers – HERE





Images via Pinterest, Collage Vintage, Getty Images, Sandra Semburg, Who What Wear UK, Anne Johannsen  Insta.


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