The Three Ways Of Dressing Through Pregnancy



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Happy Monday! I hope as always you all had a nice weekend. Though I’m so fed up with being overdue by four days, for the first time in weeks I actually ventured out for quick bite of lunch this past Saturday! And on Sunday, though feeling and looking humongous as well as feeling very uncomfortable, I was actually inspired to take some outfit photos. I don’t how much I’ll like them once they are uploaded to my computer but it was nice just to be doing a couple of things that I love and that feels familiar to me once again.


These outfit photos were taken in December, before Christmas and I wore this fair isle cardigan backwards to create the appearance of a sweater. It was just more flattering on the bump this way.


I have found that during pregnancy there have been three ways of dressing: 

  • There are the days where I want to style the bump in a way that conceals it and I do this by creating optical illusions in the way I style certain pieces.


  • Then there are the days where I Style the bump in a way that accentuates the what can be described as a ball like shape.


  • Then finally, there are the days where I completely don’t give a shit and sweatpants accompanied by the biggest t-shirt I own is the only way to get through the day!


Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x




Topshop Knitwear

(old) Topshop Mini Skirt – similar HERE

Dr Martens Boots


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