Piglet In Bed: A Bedding Brand Worth Noting




So the other day I when I was scrolling my insta, I came across this bedding brand by the name of Piglet In Bed. It was that beautiful sage green colour in the first image that caught my attention and what led me to check out their brand further.  I often like brands that don’t have an overwhelming choice of products, I personally prefer when there is less to choose from because I feel then hopefully the brand has gone down a route of quality over quantity.


From looking on the Piglet In Bed website they have a refined yet a splendid choice of products that range from bedding, to sleepwear, table linen and also a few extras that would make lovely gift ideas such as the wheat eye pillow, which they say can soothe muscle pain when heated and calm headaches when cooled. Now I don’t know if this works as I haven’t yet tried one but like I said, would make a thoughtful and slightly out of the box gift idea.


Piglet bedding say that their their linen sheets keep one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I don’t get how this magic works but definitely sounds useful. The price point of this brand is personally what I believe to be on the expensive side of things and if I were to invest in this bedding which I certainly would like to, then I would definitely like to think that the quality and presentation would justify the price point. Hopefully I’ll find out soon enough.


For me I do really think nice bedding is important and I’m certainly more compelled to invest in minimal style bedding, nothing too heavily printed because I think the bed should reflect calm and gentleness and anything to busy may look appealing at first but I’m very conscious of creating a peaceful atmosphere in our room but that’s just me. I think the striped duvet cover they sell is about as far as I’d go print wise, it doesn’t seem over the top. It seems classic and in theme with their more simplistic aesthetic.


I haven’t yet shopped this brand and so it’s a little hard to know whether it’s worth the recommendation but I wanted to share it on Style Life Soul By LellaVictoria because visually it looks great and worth noting for future reference.

I hope you like the look of the bedding brand as much as I do.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






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