A Photo Diary From Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (Outfits Included)






Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break!

I’ve been working on this post for a couple of days but just kinda doing it at my own pace rather then stressing out unnecessarily. Maybe everyone is over Christmas photos but I still wanted to take the time to share them on here, as I love taking them and reflecting on the day through the images we take. The first part of the post was shot on Christmas Eve. I wore an old yet nevertheless comfortable pair of Rick Owens Trousers with a simple silk Camisole top and a velvet green blazer. I love this velvet green blazer at Christmas time, it’s so perfectly festive and looks especially chic when paired with other luxe materials such as silk.


My mum and sister looked beautiful in festive red, a theme in which they continued come Christmas day, my sister in a figure hugging mini and my mum in a velvet red, pleated skirt. My nephews looked adorable after they opened their Christmas Eve boxes, wearing their matching polar bear onesies and dressing gowns. We did a little photoshoot before they settled down for bed which they were surprisingly compliant with compared to their normal “noooo” response to having their photos taken.


For Christmas Day I continued on my velvet crush with this beautiful blue, velvet mini dress,  semi sheer tights and black mules. As much as I loved the dress and found it very flattering on the bump, I found it to be fairly badly made. The second wrap-style dress this year that i’ve bought from Topshop that I’ve found to be proportionally bad in quality of fit. But overall I love the look. This kind of outfit would also work well for New Years too, just saying!


Anyway, I don’t know when i’ll be back with my next outfit post but hopefully not too long.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x









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