The Christmas Eve Post




Well, it’s here! I’ll keep it short and sweet for todays post. This isn’t what i’m wearing today but I love these festive photos of me and our boxer bubba Koko.  The outfit has a perfect mix of comfort dressing and classic elegance, finished off with a chic red lip.  Christmas is a time for coming together, creating memories, laughing and eventually falling asleep in front of the Tv as a result of consuming more food then you’ve probably had all week. But don’t get caught up in what Christmas should be or is to others just do you and enjoy it in whatever way makes you feel happy.


I can’t help but always think about those who have struggles at this time of year because though it’s my favourite time of the year as it is for most, that isn’t the case for everyone. So if anyone reading this is having a hard time this Christmas just know that regardless to how perfect everything looks on social media, that everyone and every family has its ups and downs. The images you see are just a glimpse in time and just because someones life looks picture perfect doesn’t always mean thats the case.


Anyway, I’m wishing you a truly beautiful Christmas Day.

Sending you lots of love,

Daniella x








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