Bountiful Browns, Protective Energy & A Full Moon






An outfit post that was shot back in November whilst all the beautiful colours of autumn were still vibrant and strong and also the ideal backdrop for my outfit, complimenting the brown corduroy blazer perfectly.


I am proud to say that I perceive myself to be a generally calm person and like a lot of people I tend to laugh off any negative comments or words thrown my way unless it comes from someone I care about. But I’ll admit when it comes to my loved ones I’ve always been almost overly protective of them and if any hurtful words are thrown their way, I feel very defensive and that can sometimes lead me to reacting from a place of anger. Whilst I know and understand that it’s very natural to feel protective of the people we love and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have that passionate energy, I also have learnt that I really don’t like reacting to things when mentally in a place of fury. As my intentions, words and actions aren’t always aligned with my loving higher self. This is something I continue to work on for the betterment of myself and for the example I want to set for my daughter. Like I said, I know this kind of protective energy isn’t always a bad thing I just want to be able to harness and use it in a way that feels right to me.


It’s the last full moon today and it’s in Cancer (my star sign) and this month i’ve really been focusing on letting go what no longer serves me with the faith that this will clear the path for a more abundant, better suited situation to enter my life. I hope this full moon energy will encourage this. Full moons really effect my energy and the energy of my family. My boyfriend, my mum and myself have all been feeling so sleepy this full moon. I sometimes think it’s best to just go with it and allow myself the extra time to get some extra snooze in.



My goodness it’s the last weekend before Christmas, December has definitely followed the theme of this year and zoomed by. I’m looking forward to spending time with my loved ones. It’s crazy to think that this time next year, we will have our daughter! This is my last Christmas before becoming a mum, no doubt that next year will have a very different feel.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend, try not to get pulled into that pre-Christmas panic and instead just enjoy the lead up as much you can. Because come Christmas Day, you’ll wonder why you spent energy getting so stressed over one day. At least that’s what I’ve learnt over the last few years.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x










Mango Baker Boy Cap

& Other Stories Corduroy Blazer – HERE

Acne Studios Jeans

Mango Snake Print Shoes – HERE


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