Keep Calm & Put A Jumpsuit On




Happy Monday lovelies! Christmas is coming up so fast now and it’s hard to believe that it’s only a week away. I wore this combination a few weeks ago, the black jumpsuit was a chic and comfortable way to dress my baby bump, whilst also looking a little on the retro side teamed with the knee high, snake print boots. It’s crazy to think after Christmas it will only be a matter of weeks until we have our baby girl and it’s beginning to feel a little daunting how little we’ve actually done in preparation!


It’s our own fault and there has definitely been some burying our heads in the sand with what feels like an endless list of what we need to buy but we are just trying not to become too overwhelmed by this and just tick off one thing at a time and it will slowly but surely  come together. It would be easy to become stressed out by all this but I believe that would only hinder and slow down the process of creating a space for our baby plus I feel it should be a joyful process not an anxious one.


Anyway I have some Christmas shopping to get on with, I imagine the shops are going to be filled with a lot panic buyers this week, which I don’t like because that kind of frantic energy can be quite draining to be around but I’ll just ask my angels for some protection and hopefully all will be good.


Have a great week. I really hope you can take the time to be present and just enjoy the lead up to Christmas rather then get caught up in the pressures that we so often put on ourselves this time of year. I know I’m going to be trying to do the same too.

Sending you love and light my lovelies,

Daniella x







Mango Baker Boy Cap – Similar HERE

Warehouse Coat – HERE

(old) Joseph Jumpsuit – similar HERE

Joseph Heart Print Blouse

(old) Sam Eldaman Snake print boots – love these HERE


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