Festive Family Fun At Langford Lakes



At the beginning of last week, we took our annual family trip to pick our Christmas tree st the beautiful Langford Lakes. We were lucky enough to go on a quiet day and so we were given permission to go into the forest and personally choose our tree, which is not something I’ve been able to do before but will definitely be the way I intend on choosing our tree in the future.

We usually go on the weekend but this year opted to go on the Monday and though they only have the Santa on the weekend, it was still better for my nephews to go on the quiet day because over the years it’s become such a popular place to go, that inside the shop and where Santa is, you can hardly move around, which isn’t ideal when you have two boys who want to run around. So going on the Monday really gave us the space and time to really appreciate the hard work Langford Lakes has put into creating such a wonderfully festive atmosphere. Their Christmas shop is full of finely curated items to decorate your home and tree with, choosing just a couple of pieces is almost impossible because I just love EVERYTHING!


Anyway I hope you like these photos, the problem when your boyfriend is behind the camera, is that he doesn’t get to be in the shots but he was there.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x








(old) Topshop Beanie

(old) Topshop Puffer Coat

Topshop Knit – HERE

(old) Jeans

(old) Carvela Boots


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