On The Subject Of Forgivness & Florals






I often do daily tarot cards, usually just one a day as for me it’s something that helps me to center and tune in for the day. Tarot cards sounds very old school, stereotypical mystic but it’s not like that for me, in fact the ones I use most are my unicorn cards, which are light, magical, fun and uplifting. Anyway, I’ll go into my relationship with tarot cards on a deeper level at a later date. Yesterday I pulled the compassion card and it spoke about forgiving myself and others, which I then wrote about in my journal entry. I’m definitely someone who strongly believes in forgiveness but admittedly haven’t always found it the easiest.


I belive in forgivness because we are all beautifully imperfect, we are all learning at our own pace and we all need forgivness multiple times in our life. I have also learnt in recent years that holding onto unforgiving anger towards someone hurts me more then it could ever hurt them. It’s mentally and emotionally draining which can also have a knock on effect on our physical state and not to mention how time consuming being angry with someone is, when we could just simply forgive, release and use our time being creative and productive.


It’s not only about forgiving others but also about forgiving ourselves, something we don’t always do because we can think and believe that we need to continually punish ourselves for our mistakes big or small and we do that by often filling ourselves with feelings of guilt. This kind of self torture will just manifest itself into lack, it will bring us down, it will turn into resentment towards others and it has a very negative effect on our life in ways you wouldn’t even expect or think. So, for me even though for a long time it felt unnatural to practice the action of forgivness towards myself, there is no doubt in my mind that in doing so I live a much happier, healthier existence, where there is a lot less self sabotage and I encourage you to make this conscious decision to be kinder and more forgiving of yourself too. As long as you can recognise when you’re wrong, accept it, learn from it, grow from it and then forgive yourself, you will start to see the positive effect that this act of self love can do for you and your loved ones.



My only problem is that I have a rather good long term memory which comes in wonderfully handy and allows me to revisit fond memories but like any gift it has a flip side to it and that is when someone has done something that has made feel hurt it stays with me because that’s just the way my memory is. I’ve been questioning whether I’m truly forgiving certain people or situations if it still pops up in mind from time to time? I like to think and believe that I am because I know that holding on to that kind of pain and anger is destructive to my peace. Whilst I’m trying to figure that out, I’m just going to keep asking my angels for healing in this area and keep up my affirmations and have faith in the knowledge that I’m working on it in a way that feels good and right for me.



On to my outfit and I hope you aren’t getting fed up with me wearing this floral print turtleneck! I love it and well, I’m not one of those style bloggers who wears things once for blog content, every piece I buy is an investment regardless of the brand. At the beginning of November I teamed it with this midi, military green skirt and creamy coloured ankle boots as I loved this combination of colours together and I also didn’t know how much longer I’d get away with fitting into this skirt and so I didn’t want to waist any time. A statement earring was the only piece of jewellery I selected, it’s minimal yet impactful.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




(old) Stella McCartney Earring

Acne Studios Floral Print Turtleneck

Asos Skirt – HERE

(old) Topshop Ankle Boots – love these HERE


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