My goodness it’s been so bloody miserable outside these last few days, like I’m not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary kinda gross. So I’m going back a couple of weeks to when it was a windy but nevertheless a pretty autumnal day. I had this outfit in mind and though I was a little uncomfortable in these jeans due to the fact that they did not fit and were only staying in place with the assistance of an elastic band, I just went with it to get one last outfit out of them.


We found this old pub that is no longer in use and shot the photos in what I assume was the beer garden. I wouldn’t say it was completely eery but it was kinda sad seeing a place that was once a spot for meeting friends and family, a place for drinking, eating, laughing and making memories all abandoned. But on the positive side, it made a great photo location and with any bit of spare land being filled with hundreds of “New builds” nowadays, I’ll take advantage of whatever hidden gems I can still find.


I hope you like todays photos.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x





Le Specs Sunglasses

Rokit Vintage Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Knit

J Brand Jeans

(old) Acne Studios Boots


Posted by:Daniella Robins

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