Pregnancy & The Denim Blues





Can you believe it’s the last week of November?! I’m starting to get super excited now, as come this weekend we will be heading out for our annual family trip to select our Christmas tree, one of my favourite traditions to do during the festive season.



Jeans are something I’m really missing at the moment, these ones i’m wearing in todays post were massive on me before I was pregnant and I’d wear them as low slung boyfriend jeans but now they’ve been quite good for acting more of mom style jeans. They are handy because it allows me to have some denim in my life but I still miss all my other favourite styles and pairs. My straight jeans, my vintage Levi’s, my high waisted flares, my dark wash Acne’s and the list goes on.

Jeans, like for most women are a part of my almost daily life, nothing beats the feeling of a good fitting pair of jeans paired with simple tee in the summer or your cosiest knit in the winter. It’s the fail-safe Go-to that even the most creative of people rely heavily upon in their hour of need. For those days where creative vision and flair is absent and we need an outfit to make us feel safe and comforted. I know it’s just jeans for some but I miss mine and though I don’t wish time to go by, I’m admittedly counting down the days until I can wear them again.



I know I could buy a maternity pair but I won’t lie, I’m a bit resentful in paying the same amount for a pair of jeans that I’ll get a few weeks of wear out of as I would for a pair of jeans that I’ll wear for years. So for now I’m just going to suck it up and do what I can to relieve me of my denim blues.


Wishing you a wonderful week, full of love and light,

Daniella x







Acne Studios Scarf

Topshop Cardigan

(old) Mom Jeans

Topshop Boots 



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