Snake Print Double Act & The Energy Overload



Why wear one snake print item when you can wear two, that’s my motto! Okay that’s not my motto, I don’t know if i’m even someone who has motto’s but maybe this should be my first one because I think doubling up on the snake print creates a rather effective look or so I believe. This is the sort of outfit in where I would typically tuck the shirt in to my trousers to give definition to the high waist design that they have. But because what you cant see is that i’m doing the old elastic band trick to hold my trousers in place because I can’t actually button them up, it made more sense to wear the shirt loose over the trousers. In the end I really liked the proportional value this created.


Has anyone else been feeling that weird, kinda intense energy the last couple of days. Well, the fact that we are about to have a full moon in Gemini (an often explosive sign) whilst on the 22 day of the 11th month in a 11 universal year and to add insult to injury we are currently in the middle of a mercury retrograde, yah that’s a lot of energy to be dealing with if you are like me and potentially susceptible to that. That mixed with being an emotional and sensitive star sign (cancer) and also in the last couple months of my pregnancy (hello hormones) and i’ve got myself an interesting cocktail of unstable energy and boy am I feeling it! I know not everyone believes in this kind of thing but I do and I find it helps me to identify and understand why I might be feeling the way I currently am, which in turns helps to me to at least attempt to navigate my way through my current state of mind a little better. Any way sometimes you’ve got to go with the tide, rather then fight against it. So thats what I’m going to do and soon enough, things will become lighter and clearer.


Sending you love and light my lovelies,

Daniella x












(old) Equipment Snake Print Shirt – love this HERE, HERE  HERE & HERE

& Other Stories Turtleneck – HERE

Elizabeth & James Jeans – love these HERE

Mango Snake print Shoes – HERE



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