What You Want To Be Vs Who You Want To Be




Knowing I’ll begin my journey in becoming a mum and raising a daughter in a couple of months, it’s really been on my mind to what kind of morals and values I hope to contribute to her life. A few years ago, around my early twenties, I really started paying attention to my inner self and something suddenly clicked, it wasn’t what I wanted to be it was who I wanted to be. It sounds simple now but for me it was kind of revolutionary at the time. I guess I’d grown up with false idea that being rich financially, owning a big house, driving the best car, traveling to luxurious places, shopping in designer boutiques, eating out in the best restaurants was what determined success and what one should ultimately strive for and that if I had anything less then this, then I had failed.

I started to realise and understand that this perception was all wrong. Whilst being financially better off, having a nice car, traveling and seeing the world, being in a position to invest in nice clothes and being part of a successful business are all things that can make ones life more fun, less stressful and potentially fulfilling, but for me they are the extras but not the foundations of creating a happy, peaceful and successful existence. No, that starts with us.

So many times you hear teachers, parents and so on ask children “what do you want to be when you grow up” which eventually leads on to “what do you do work” when we reach adulthood and whilst I get it, what we hope to one day do for a living or what we do for a living can say a lot about us but let’s face it, that doesn’t tell us everything.

For me its just as important, if not more so to know who you are as an individual soul. To understand that knowing who you are can take time, trials, patience and a lot of staying true to what lights you up, can be challenging in a world that so often discourages individuality. Because ultimately this will have an effect on what you do in terms of making living and so getting to know who you are can actually be a benifit to this. I belive that it necessary to practice and study ourselves as much as it is to study math. To learn about the horrid power of the ego and how it can be so destructive to ones self esteem and the relationships you keep. The strength of showing kindness to those who can do nothing for you and always showing faith and trust in the good of the universe and God when things seem as though they are at there worst. These are lessons that I believe to be so valuable and ones I wish I understood sooner.


I wish for my daughter to have a great sense of who she is, what she stands for and to be confident in her uniqueness whatever that will be and not to be ashamed of it. I hope to teach her the importance of self love and self acceptance and how it will help her to love and accept others in return. With this encouragement and viewpoint, I belive it will help her to discover what she wants to do in life in an authentic way, that is true to her rather then feeling the pressure of what the world thinks she should be.


The way we choose to parent is all experimental, I appreciate that and I’m prepared to except that I may have it all wrong or how I plan to raise our daughter might be all great in theory but once reality hits, could be completely different. But all I can do is try my best, follow my intuition and hope she won’t be to messed up when is all is said and done.


On the subject of today’s outfit, I went for a somewhat edgy take on preppy classics. These photos were taken at the end of October and the autumn leaves on this house were incredible and I knew I would kick myself if we didn’t take the opportunity to shoot in front of it. They turned out so beautiful and I’m glad we got the shot. I know it doesn’t look as though I have much of bump here but I’ll admit I’ve been quite lucky with how much I’ve shown and it’s only really now that my bump has become fully visible. I must also add that shooting at the right angle is everything. It’s not that I don’t want to embrace my bump, it’s just why I could still show off the outfit, I was fully going to take advantage of that.

Sending you love and light and wishing you a truly lovely week, Daniella x









Topshop Cardigan

(old) Reiss blouse

(old) Weekend Max Mara Trousers

(old) Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

(old) Topshop Backpack



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