How To Work With Anxiety Rather Then Against It.



This quote really sums up what I have come to believe and reminds me of what I was going through and feeling Last Wednesday. I woke up in the morning not feeling myself and as the day went on i had gone from feeling a little low to having a bad case of anxiety. I know it seems that we live in a time where everyone throws the term anxiety around but I promise I wouldn’t use it lightly and especially in a case where I felt I needed to blog about it. My heart was pounding, I felt as though I couldn’t take a deep enough breath and the thought of having to do anything that day was just making the symptoms worse. I felt this immense pressure overtake me, the thought of having to do the most basic of household tasks was too much to bare.

It was freaking me out because though I am no stranger to the feelings of anxiety, not being able to get a grip on it was more unfamiliar to me. Instinctively though I knew I had to put into place what I have learnt this year and that’s to go with flow. Feel the emotions, acknowledge them and then release them. I knew I had to just stop and take myself to bed, go through what I needed to and to remember that tomorrow is another day, where I will have hopefully healed and can start again. Like my instincts told me the next day I was able to start again and my feelings of anxiety had mostly passed and all that was left to do without overthinking it, was to try and assess what had triggered those feelings in order to try and prevent it from happening again.
I really am starting to believe that it’s not weak to give in to your feelings. Work whether inside or outside the home is rarely that important that it’s worthy of sabotaging your mental and emotional health. We all sometimes need 24 hours to go through something in order to release it and come out stronger. Sometimes being “selfish” and taking care of yourself is the most selfless thing you can do. Maybe it’s the continual pressure that we assign ourselves to, to keep going, override what we’re and what our bodies are telling us that potentially causes full on breakdowns. Sometimes we need an hour and sometimes we need a day or two to simply honour our bodies energy, reconnect our mind, body and soul into a more synchronised alignment in order to hit refresh. I want you to know there is nothing wrong with doing this.
Don’t make excuses to why you can’t or don’t have time to do so because it’s a choice we all have and we are all entitled to. Take charge of your wellbeing, love and honour it by listening to what it’s telling you and follow its instructions, it won’t guide you wrong.
Sending you love and light and remember to be gentle on yourself and your body.
Daniella x

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