Style Story: Autumn Knitwear & Earth Energy




Isn’t the autumn one of the most beautiful times of the year?! I love to get out and embrace the autumn surroundings as much as I can. I just love the freshness of the air this time of year and the colours of the crunchy leaves spread out all over the ground. To get out and embrace the beauty that is nature is a really wonderful way to reconnect to the natural rhythm of the earth energy. It brings us back to center and lights up how much we can tend to worry about unnecessary things, things that can all of a sudden seem small and pointless once we get out and experience the vastness that surrounds us.


Try not to get caught up in the mundane, day to day tasks that can so often distract us from what our souls truly crave. Sometimes We need to treat ourselves to some space, some fresh air and gain some perspective, so that we can find balance that can so easily become out of sync when we become so consumed by our daily routines. Allowing yourself the time to aimlessly wonder in a peaceful place that’s naturally pretty is a great way to bring forward your natural creativity, activate your imagination and discover your personal truths. It’s gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we are mentally, emotionally and possibly even spiritually, if you’re that way inclined, in the here and now.

So today is a little reminder to you and to myself to get your classic autumn knitwear on and choose to take time to be outside and let the magic of nature bring you a little healing. Also speaking of healing, did you see yesterday’s post? Check it out Here


Sending you love and light this Wednesday,

Daniella x







(old) Clyde Hat (old)

Marks & Spencer Knit

The Sleep Shirt Night shirt

(old) Kurt Geiger Leather Boots



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