The All Natural, Healing Remedy Everyone Needs To Know About

Hey lovelies, today’s post is a little different but something very close to my heart, as it is part of my (almost) daily routine. As you may know I suffer with M.E and have done for years. In the last couple of years I have been enlightened to Anthony Williams, the author of Medical Medium as well three other groundbreaking books that give people like me hope in recovering from mystery illnesses such as M.E, which I now know to be a harsh strain of Epstein Barr.

I want to talk more about my journey with this but that could end up making this a much longer, much deeper post then I had originally intended and so I’ll save that for another time. But in the mean time, if you haven’t already heard about Medical Medium, you can find out all you need to know Here. It’s not just M.E he talks about, he covers a huge spectrum of mystery, misunderstood illnesses including Diabetes, Autism, chronic fatigue, gastritis, migraines, Dementia, liver health and thyroid issues to name a few.

He has particularly good understanding on gut health and how what we eat has a huge impact on how we heal. About a year and a half ago, I started getting terribly bloated, literally looking 3 months pregnant. I would also get the sensation of acid in my tummy and chest and just generally feeling like something wasn’t right. I went to the doctors and of course I was thrown a prescription and that was that. I’m not a fan of prescribed medicine in the slightest and truly belive it does more harm then good most of the time and so naturally I was very hesitant about taking it.

That’s when I referred back to my medical medium book, hoping to find a more natural way to approach this problem. That’s when I arrived at celery juice a simple, affordable and completely natural solution to my problem. Whilst there was no guarantee, for me I had faith that I was guided this way and if nothing else, it was worth a try. When I first tried it, I found it truly disgusting just as I had imagined. It annoys me when people say they don’t mind something, when really they can’t stand it, it’s not authentic and i’m here  to convey exactly how this process has been for me. But stay with me.


Anyway, the only way I found I could stomach having this drink first thing in the morning is by telling myself that I had to treat the celery juice as though it was medicine. It may not taste good but it’s going to help me feel better. This worked better than trying to convince myself that I liked it because for me trying to trick my brain into liking something by lying to myself would only work for so long. That technique may work for some people but not for me. Seeing and treating it as medicine is still proving to be the most effective way to keep me dedicated to drinking it.

Since drinking the celery juice my symptoms decreased massively and now I am firm supporter and believer in the miracle that is celery juice. It might take some getting used to and it may even be a little painful at first but stay with it if you can. You need to give this a fair trial and believe it can help. I recommend having it every day but even I admit that for me, it’s closer to being about four mornings of the week. But that’s on me to change. Below I will list the steps that I take to make my celery juice and I hope it can help heal you in the same way it has helped heal my symptoms. Even if you don’t suffer with an illness, I recommend including this healing remedy into your diet regardless. Learn the full healing benefits of celery juice HERE


Bottoms up!



STEP 1: 


Select your celery, I prefer to buy organic celery, there doesn’t seem to be a massive price difference between organic and non organic but if you still want to stick to non organic just make sure you wash it thoroughly. I would love a juicer but I currently have to make do with the Bullet blender, it’s easy enough just would be even easier with a juicer. I start by chopping off the ends and if it’s got leaves attached, I add them to the mix too, as Anthony Williams says they are also full of goodness.



Now I like to add some water, I know Antony Williams says not to but I prefer to do it because with the blender I use it makes it easier. If I don’t use any water, it really doesn’t blend well at all! So this will be dependent on whether you use a juicer or a blender and how that appliance works for you. I also like to add some barley grass juice powder to mine. This is en effortless way for me to get the supplement into my system. Otherwise I just forget. Read about the healing properties of Barleygrass juice powder Here. But I must say Anthony Williams says it’s best to just have celery juice straight to really reap the healing benefits. This post is just to show how I do it.




If you are using some form of blender like me, then you will need to strain off the the fuzzy stuff. When I first started making celery juice, it never occurred to me to do this and so for a few times I had to endure all that fluff and it made for a very grim tasting experience! Yuck! But thankfully those days are gone. Tip: if you use a sieve, then give the foam part a little stir to make sure all the excess juice gets used up. Sometimes it can be sat in there and before you know it, it’s gone to waste because you’ve thrown it away.






Personally I like to add a small bit of ice, just makes the taste more bearable for me. You might not mind the taste and in that case don’t bother adding ice because you want to stay clear of adding an unnecessary extras. And that’s all there is to this wonderful green healing medicine.

I hope you like todays post and it really is all thanks to spirit and Anthony Williams for sharing this healing knowledge. Remember to share this with people you think will benefit from it, as the more we can spread the word, the better and healthier our future will be.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






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