New Perspectives: Finding The Lesson In Every Challenge






On the tenth of October we were lucky enough to experience yet another beautifully warm autumn day. I had this outfit saved to my “outfit ideas” notes and just as I was beginning to think that I may not get a chance to wear it because my bump would get too big, we were blessed with this lovely day and so I jumped at the opportunity and thankfully my bump just about complied. A vinyl mini skirt, a snake print shirt with shoes to match, who said pregnancy style had to be boring?!


As I try to grow and learn through my experiences good and bad, I’m starting to see and undertstand that there can be valuable lessons and breakthroughs in situations that seem unlikely. For instance, not to sound too cliche but we have horrid neighbours and they try very hard to dictate how everyone should live in the gated community that we share and because we don’t comply, not to be difficult but just because we don’t agree with them and because no one should have to live in a way that they aren’t happy with and so they have taken a weirdly strong disliking towards us. Anyway, they do things to be horrid and bullish and it’s really sad and pathetic that middle age men can act that way and though I can feel a little rage-y sometimes, I’m learning to try and see a lesson in this situation rather then let it overwhelm me.


Every time they act maliciously towards us or do something petty to try and make us feel uncomfortable, It shows me exactly who I don’t want to be and instead inspires me to focus on the kind of person I do want to be. Through their desperation to feel important and relevant they show me how important it is to do creative and productive things with my time otherwise I may end up like them, allowing meaningless goals to take up my time. Every time they act unkindly, it makes me want to be a nicer person in case I end up tragically bitter like them. They teach me to appreciate my loved ones and not to take them for granted otherwise I may end up lonely with nothing better to do then to cause upset to the people around me, like they do.


See, if we try, we can turn it around and use a difficult situation to strengthen and elevate our existence. It’s all about perspective. I’m not saying I’m always able to exercise this calmer response, there have been moments where I’ve retaliated in a frustrated manner and allowed it to get to me but I’m learning to try and embrace the lesson or just let it go because it’s not really about me, it’s about them and how unhappy they are.


I don’t know, it’s just something that’s been at the forefront of my mind. The horrid neighbours have been busy bees this week and I’m just trying to find a way to rise above it in a way that feels better to my soul.

Anyway wishing you a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




Le Specs Sunglasses – HERE

& Other Stories Turtleneck – similar HERE

(old) Asos Jacket

(old) Equipment Snake Print Shirt – love this HERE

(old) Topshop Vinyl mini Skirt – love this HERE

Mango Shoes – love these HERE


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