What I’m Learning About The Process Of Self Love



Is self love vanity? No, self love is caring, appreciating and respecting your mind, body and soul. Self love is acceptance of oneself, an awareness of our strengths, our flaws and the individuality that we possess. Self love is about taking care of how we treat our bodies with what we feed them physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be so easy to give our ego a stage in where it allows us to put ourselves down, where our self esteem plumits because we are so used to a way of living, where we compare ourselves to others.

It’s horrible to think we live in the time of “the swipe” where a profile picture determines whether you are attractive or not to another, when really attraction is only a percentage of aesthetics and the rest is something you feel. This I belive is encouraging a never ending pursuit of achieving aesthetic perfection just so someone won’t swipe but I can’t help but question that all the time people are so focused on achieving beauty on the outside, they aren’t catching up on the inside. So often you meet people who are beautiful but their self esteem is low, their confidence in themselves aside from the way they look, is suffering and they seem off balance. They aren’t aware of who they are, what they stand for and what makes them uniquely them and as a result feel kind of lost and as though they are lacking in some way.


To desire beautiful hair, a beautiful body, perfect make up and perfect style is great if you are doing it for yourself and not because of the pressure you feel to keep up with the demand of social media and dating apps idea of beauty and perfection. Its nice to feel good about oneself, for example, there is no denying how uplifting it is when you walk out of a hair salon after having your hair done, it feels great and it’s important to take the time to do things that make you feel good because that’s self love, that’s recognising what makes you feel good, recognising what lights you up and putting yourself first, which is so often necessary to do, or so I believe


I often think it can be all to easy to blame social media, magazines, tv and so on for the pressure and chase of aesthetic perfection. Social media is there to be used in whatever way we want it to be. It reminds me how in life there are situations that happen that’s out of our control but how we respond to that situation isn’t. If we want to see a change on social media, then we need to be it. Don’t compare, don’t try and match up to what’s seen as “popular” or “beautiful” just be you, embrace you, express you in your own way and let go of everything else. It’s not about inspiring a 122,000 people on instagram, it’s about celebrating who we are as unique souls in this world.


I’m Learning that if you don’t have Self love, if you don’t see yourself in a loving light it can have such a profound knock on effect in all forms of abundance. I belive that low self esteem can effect our ability to be receive success, opportunities and even better financial prosperity because we don’t deem ourselves worthy for whatever reason. For me I’m starting to see that it’s guilt that prevents me, like why should I be successful?! But I’m learning to accept that we are all deserving of living a life in where all our dreams and desires are met.


I’m learning that it’s okay to love myself enough to take ownership of my belief system and change the way I view myself internally and know that I, like anyone else,  is worthy of having a lovely life and I need to focus on my own path instead of always being driven by the guilt of suffering around me. If we want to actually help those less fortunate, sitting around feeling guilty isn’t going to change a thing! It’s just creating more lack. If we take care ourselves, be one with ourselves and get to know and love who we are on a soul level then we might just spend less time feeling bad about ourselves and instead donate that time to helping others.


I hope I’ve been able to convey my feelings on this subject, it’s just been something I’ve been on a bit of journey with and as always, I like to use my blogposts as a way to give virtual voice to my thoughts. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







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