A Style Formula Worth Repeating





(old) Helen Moor Faux Fur Stole – love this HERE

Marks & Spencer Jumper – similar HERE

(old) Vest

(old) Joseph Leather Leggings – love these HERE, HERE,

(old) Kurt Geiger Boots – love these HEREHERE & HERE

Pauls Boutique Bag – in pink HERE




Hey lovelies, and I’m here with two outfits to share with you today! A combination that I’ve been loving recently is these old leather leggings teamed with my patent burgundy, ankle boots. Though I like to always try and reinvent my outfits and make them all individually unique, when a style formula like this works so well together, why not just go with it?!


The first outfit features a teal coloured vest I was kindly given for a collaboration years ago now and what I love about this, is that this shows that I’m not one of these bloggers who’s just taking free pieces for the sake of it, as even when collaborating I try to be very selective and look at the longevity of the piece I’m being offered. I may not always get it right but I try and least be conscious of this.


The second look is almost all pieces that I’ve accumulated from Joseph over the years apart from the boots and the bag. This wasn’t intentional but I’m glad it turned out this way as it shows how great British designer brands such as Joseph make pieces that are amazing at making timeless pieces that can be integrated with one another even if they are many collections apart. Though a lot of the time, Joseph is too expensive for me, I always shop their sales because though it’s still pricey even at sale prices, they are one of favourite designer brands, with chic modern classics that always turn out to be a great investment. I am all up for fashion being fun but we also have to think long term in order to be practice sustainability.


I hope you like the looks imsharing with you today. Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x






(old) Joseph Coat – great style HEREHERE

Joseph Blouse

(old) Joseph Leather Leggings – love these HERE, HERE

(old) Kurt Geiger Boots – love these HEREHERE & HERE

Pauls Boutique Bag – HERE



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