Simple & Affordable Decorating For Autumn/Halloween




My family and I have always been very festive, I guess it mostly comes from my mum. We love a good reason to decorate or update our homes with a little seasonal decor. Autumn is a lovely time of time year to get creative and add a little warmth to our home and especially when with autumn comes Halloween. It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour either, as I have learnt this year.

With limited funds to put to this creative activity, my mum and I took to nature and went outside to gather what we could from the grounds around us. Picking up fallen leaves and taking bits of greenery from branches of trees that had broken off. In the big open fields we found old brown, grass foliage which I placed in my smoky glass vase for a minimal but effective touch for Fall.


I bought some pumpkins, which cost me about £4.50, spray painted a couple of them white ( I intended for the stalks to be left natural but my partner did it for me and painted the entire thing) and then added some natural and orange raffia string along with some of the leaves that I picked for a rustic approach to decorating the pumpkins.


I did buy a couple of treats from Home Sense such as the witch, the cat in the pumpkin and the scented candle, which smells amazing! I was a little worried about buying a candle as throughout the pregnancy, some candles have made me want to urge but thankfully this one hasn’t. Buying a couple of things each year is a great way to slowly build a collection of pieces that you can bring out in the years to come. To finish off I used some of the little pumpkinos and faux acorns from our autumn wreath crafting last year. These are really easy to purchase on craft sites or just amazon.


Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed my autumnal post today. Do you add any autumn touches to your home?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







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