A Cinderella Story






As far back as I can remember, I watched Disney movies and my sister and I were lucky enough to go to Disney world when we were younger and even now, we as family still love the magic of Disney so much so that we put up a Disney Christmas tree every year. So today’s post may seem biased given what I’ve just told you and maybe it is but it’s still my view and hope you can take the time to read it.


The other day I read that Keira Knightly said that Cinderella is banned in her home, something along the lines that she doesn’t want her daughter thinking it’s okay to sit around and wait for a man to bring her happiness.  I would suggest googling it yourselves just to make sure you understand it fully and don’t end up power phrasing from some blog such as this one.


I can’t help but wonder if this statement is an example of feminism being taken to the extreme, as it seems more and more evident that people are having to do so in an attempt to validate their views. It would appear that moderation no longer seems to exist. But then I also wonder if I’m just being judgmental and critical because I have a very different opinion on the matter. I’m not here to purposely criticise anyone’s parenting choices, we all must do what we feel is best for our children.

I understand the statement she is making and as a woman who is about to bring a daughter into the world, I would never want my future daughter thinking or believing that in order to find happiness, she must wait for a man or woman to come along. Happiness starts from within which can then become greater when and if you want to find a partner to share that happiness with. I belive this can be taught by installing this with my words, her fathers words and our actions. If we are present enough in her life and truly take the time to guide and teach her to the best of our ability then we won’t need to worry about the effects that a Disney movie may or may not have on our children. If one is relying on movies to teach children rather then for the use of entertaining children then that’s a whole other issue that needs to be addressed.


Further more, in my experience in helping raise two children already and as someone who has tried her best to maintain a connection with my inner child, I just don’t belive that little boys and girls see movies like Disney classics such as Cinderella, with the same darkened view that we so often do as adults. I think it’s important to remember that we are currently living in a time where we are trying to create an equal present and future. Equality for men and women, equality for different races, equality for different sexual orientation. This is undoubtedly a wonderful movement and one I am a hundred percent fully supportive of. Though it must be said that it is my belief that we have to remember that just because someone believes something that comes from their level of perception, it doesn’t always make it right.


I strongly belive in the freedom of thought and so when Someone like Keira Knightly, who has many people listening to what she has got to say, expresses her view, it may be worth taking the time to contemplate the statement before accepting that what she has said must be right.


The movie was made a very long time ago, a time when women were definitely far from equal and most lived a life where getting married, running a home and producing children was what was expected of them rather then a choice and what many women had to do. So clearly there are some of these outdated influences in the movie. Though I think there are also other aspects in the film that can be used as positive teachable moments for children, Such as the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when you’re living a life of hardship and challenge. To show kindness to animals, whether it’s domestic or otherwise. For children to believe that they should never give up hope for a brighter future and that getting the future that they dream of is achievable, whether that’s their dream career, finding inner peace or meeting their soul mate. These are all factors I belive can be taken from the story. It’s how you choose to view it.


Just maybe this is all being looked at far too deeply, myself included. Maybe we just have to say it’s a bloody Disney movie, get over it and just enjoy it for what it is. Kids aren’t thinking that deeply about it so why should we?! Do we really want to impose our over the top analytical views on them.

As always I’m thinking out loud here and you don’t have to agree with what I’m saying but if you’re going to do anything, do take the time to formulate your own thoughts and views and not just go along with something because you feel it’s the politically correct thing to do.


I hope you enjoy your Friday and have a wonderfully magical weekend. Sending you love and light,

Daniella xox





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2 thoughts

  1. Cinderella is a fantasy story aimed at children written about 300 years ago and it was a product of the times.

    Feminists think too much about things that really have no effect on a child’s development.


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