Sartorial Challenge: Styling The Summer Blouse For Fall














Before I put last years Topshop blouse away for the autumn, I really wanted to se challenge myself and see if I could style it in a way that felt more Fall orientated. It’s such a summery piece and didn’t know how to approach it. But after seeing a street style look on Pinterest of a woman wearing a mid-length folk inspired dress with suede over the knee boots, it was enough to ignite the thought of pairing it with a heavier texture to offset the lightness of the blouse and so brown corduroy it was.

Originally I wasn’t go to wear a turtleneck but that day it was a cut pretty chilly and because I didn’t want to wear jacket because I knew it would spoil the look I was trying to achieve, I opted for a navy turtleneck instead. This actually bowed well in my sartorial endeavour to style this blouse in an autumn appropriate outfit and made it even better then it was without! So thank goodness it was cold that day. The blouse is now safely tucked away, already deep in hibernation until the flowers bloom again.


Do you have any plans for this weekend? I’m hoping to try and make some cinnamon cookies, so today I’ll be on Pinterest researching some recipes. Let me know if you have any 😉

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x









(old) Topshop Blouse

(old) MiH Corduroy Jeans

(old) Uterque Bag

(old) Acne Studios Boots



2 thoughts

  1. It’s finally cooling down even for the turtlenecks, huh ? 😀

    Here ( Australia ) I’m still wearing them with jeans and another sweater layered over the top, but our warm to hot season is starting to kick in 😦 ;(

    As for any plans, housework is about all I have going on 😛

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    1. Yeah, it’s been a bit on and off though. One day its cool enough for a light turtleneck and then the next its warm enough for bare legs and skirts. But I think it’s now starting to stay cooler 🙂


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