Changing For The Bigger & How My Vanity Is Dealing With It





Being six months pregnant, there is an increasing amount of things that I’m having to adjust to, mentally emotionally and physically. Obviously the body changes when pregnant, I mean I’m producing a baby for crying out loud and getting bigger was something I knew I had to prepare for mentally. I don’t want to be shallow because this is about carrying life, bringing a new soul into the world, a blessing that so many long for. But I’m also only human and I can’t apologise for feeling the way I feel about these changes.

See I’ve pretty much been the same size/weight since I was sixteen and for a fair few years I felt very uncomfortable being as slim as I  typically am and especially so when I was a teen and I would get called things like anorexic, even though I couldn’t have been further from that. Then with time I began to except and dare I say love the way I looked! Maybe not love but definitely comfortable and more secure with my body and even with my lack of boobs and butt. It was me, it always had been and I realised it wouldn’t only cause me pain to hate on my body image but it would cause  the guy I love pain also. Because if I was insecure about the way I looked, then I would assume that he saw those flaws that I would see in myself, too and that’s an awfully unhealthy assumption to carry around with me and not to mention unfair to project my insecurities onto him and so self acceptance was and is necessary.


Anyway I was concerned how I was going to deal with my body changing for the bigger, I’m admittedly not the best with change of any kind but recently I’ve been working with change rather then against it and so that has helped. Also being prepared mentally, telling myself that my body is going to look different for a while but that’s okay and that doesn’t mean forever. Even if my body does change forever, i’m sure i’ll adjust, it will over time become my new normal. I am still getting used to all my clothes looking different and dressing a pregnant belly. Personal style, having fun with outfits, it’s a huge part of my life and the way clothes hang is a big aspect of creating a certain look. It can get a little frustrating when clothes aren’t looking how I want them too but like I said, its just adjusting to the bodily changes and knowing that it’s not forever. I’m also trying to look at this moment in time as a creative challenge for myself, it helps me to stay positive about the fact that none of my clothes properly fit me anymore.


I know this all may sound vain but for me it’s the reality of the situation and I know i’m not the only woman out there to have these thoughts.


These photos were taken a few weeks back and my bump is currently a lot more prominent or at least it feels like that. Sending you love and light and I hope you all enjoy your weekend,

Daniella x









(old) Gucci Sunglasses

See By Chloe Blouse

(old) Uterque Trousers & Bag

(old) Stella McCartney Shoes



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