Mood Board: Hello Autumn












Hello October!

We’ve reached one of the most magical and beautiful times of the year and so today’s mood board is to celebrate the fact that autumn is upon us. There are so many pretty images that capture the Fall and I always feel uplifted and all cosy and warm inside just looking at them and so I wanted to extend that feeling with you and so hence today’s post. I pretty much love everything about this time of year and style wise it’s the best!

Where you can integrate your favourite knits, boots and jackets in a way that feels more optional rather then because you have too  (yeah I’m looking at you winter). The colours of the falling leaves is a physical show and tell of just how magical nature really can be.

The cool crisp air in the mornings that I feel as I awake makes the warmth of being under my duvet all the more sweeter. Talking of sweet things, maple syrup, cinnamon and apple flavoured goodies are among the my favourite flavours of this season and though I have those things all year around, their taste is even more prominent this time of year, like the taste is somehow complimented by the autumnal surroundings.


Below are a few of the things I hope to do this Autumn:

Go Apple Picking.

Go for as many autumn walks as I can.

Have a roast dinner at Sheppys Apple Bay Restaurant (though I’ll probably skip the meat).

Try painting some pumpkins white! I’ve searched high and low for white pumpkins and I can’t seem to find any and so I’m just going to have to attempt painting some. Just got to figure out which paint to try, anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Bake some cinnamon cookies in the shape of maple leaves 🍁

Arrange an Autumn Afternoon for my family to enjoy, which will include a pit bowl fire where we shall toast marshmallows. The afternoon will also include plaid blankets and hot apple juice/cider (non alcoholic) and hopefully those cinnamon cookies I speak of.



That’s my checklist for this autumn, I’m sure I’ll find more things to add to that. What do you hope to do this Autumn? I hope you enjoyed today’s moood board, here’s to a magical Fall season.

Sending love and light,

Daniella x




Images via Pinterest, Net A Porter, American Vintage, British Vogue, Mango.


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