Freedom Of Speech & Thought In The Era Of “The Offended”




Friday already?! Not a bad thing I guess. This is something I wore a couple of weeks ago, it was actually the day we went for scan where we find out we were having a little girl, who says you can’t still look chic when attending baby scans?!


I feel quite strongly lately that we are living in a time where freedom of speech and freedom of thought feels as though it’s diminishing as we enter a time of “the offended”! Whilst I love how social media gives people a voice and an opportunity to be heard in ways that we have never been able to have been heard before, it’s also a place of self important idiots where so many people almost seek out to be offended just so that they can play the part of “standing up to injustice” when so often it’s just their warped perception of a situation, seeing and hearing what they want to see and hear just so that they can take the opportunity to feel like they’re part of a some kind of movement!


I feel so many people are having to monitor what they say to a point that’s almost unnatural. It’s good to have a filter, to make sure that what we are saying isn’t hurtful to others and it’s great that we are evolving to be more considerate of our words and how we treat people and especially the minority’s of society. But we are also still only human and I feel that sometimes we need space and freedom to say what we feel directly in a moment. So easily someone is labled a racist, a sexist or targeted for saying something stupid in a moment. I’m not saying racism or sexism doesn’t exist, in fact I feel so strongly about the fact that there are very real cases of it happening every day that it makes me feel even more concerned about how easily those labels are being thrown on the wrong people in misunderstood instances. I feel it is desensitising the very real nature of when discrimination, racism, sexism or injustice is actually happening.


So many people like to assume the worst and put their own perceptions on a situation and see it as the truth and spread it as though it’s the truth and then so many simply jump on the bandwagon to make themselves feel as though they’re doing something important, standing up for injustice without really looking or trying to understand the situation or form an opinion for themselves, I don’t know whether this is naive or just stupidity. But it can be damaging. Just because a comedian said something controversial on twitter and someone responds by having a go doesn’t make that person morally secure, if they really want to stand up to injustice, get out there and find a cause worth fighting for because they’re very real injustices happening each and every day to kids, animals, people of certain ethnicity, people suffering with misunderstood illnesses, woman just because they’re woman and men just because they’re men.


It’s not that I always agree with what people say but I belive we all have the right to say it. I want my nephews and my future daughter to not have to worry about expressing themselves in fear of someone perceiving their words wrongly and labelling them because of that.


I dont know maybe I’m thinking out loud in today’s post but what’s so wrong with that?! I’m not here to offend and my views may not necessarily be right in everyones eyes but to simply express and convey how I’m feel in an authentic way that feels true to what I’m currently feeling, is something that I belive we should all practice.


Have a wonderful weekend,

Sending you love and light, Daniella x








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4 thoughts

  1. Love the look and the incredibly dreamy editorial shots.
    What you are saying is 100% true and my husband and I have spoken about it and reached your same exact conclusion. The extremism of the political correctness ‘movement’ is in fact undermining real racism, sexism, homophobia, etc and sadly it throws people in the opposite direction we wished. While I am glad that in some cases this is well grounded, in many others it is counterproductive and may ruin an innocent person’s life without any real evidence other than what a mindless mob of people say on social media.

    One of the saddest things is that a huge part of humans seem to prefer fitting in would rather feel like belonging to a herd, than thinking on their own and being themselves. It’s an animal instinct many people have not yet learned to overcome with reason.

    Wishing you a lovely Friday. x

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    1. I can’t thank you enough for our comment Laura!
      I couldn’t help but feel a little uncertain about posting this, as I was worried that it would come across wrong or harsh and more then likely offend someone!! But then I knew I had to speak my truth and feel safe in the fact that it’s coming from a place of wanting to express how i’m feeling and we are all entitled to that. So your comment has helped me feel even more confident in my decision to post this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I completely agree with what you said. Hopefully, we as society, will one day find a healthy balance in all of this.

      Have a lovely day xx

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  2. Thank you, Daniella and Laura for what most of us think and believe in.

    The PC softies have muddied the waters so much it’s made it increasingly difficult for genuine victims of bigotry and assault to be heard and believed… and don’t me started on the social justice warrior activist and ” white knight ” idiots…

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post, I really do appreciate it. I wasn’t overly confident about posting it but it has been building up inside of me for a while and I feel I just had to speak my truth on the matter. Like you said, the concern is for the people who are genuinely suffering out there and there is still a long way to go to bring change to a lot of unjust situations but I do believe we are getting there. It just doesn’t help when the self important, egos get involved and make everyone feel like they can’t say anything, not everything is said to cause offence, sometimes it is to lighten up a situation, which I believe is whats needed sometimes.

      Thank you again and have a lovely day x

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