The Highs & Lows That Come With Spiritual/Personal Growth




Happy Monday lovelies! It’s really starting to feel as though the autumn is here, there has been a noticeable chill in the air over the last few days. Saturday it was raining all day and yesterday we went for an afternoon stroll in the park, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the colourful leaves were falling and with our  hot chocolates in hand we strolled around and took it all in. It’s just the beginning and I plan on making every magical moment of the autumn season count.


I cant help but feel as though I look like some less expensive version of a “real housewife of New York” wearing this outfit that I’m sharing with you today, I don’t know why, just what I feel haha. Everything I’m wearing here is old and after rediscovering this beautiful Isabel Marant jacket I had to find a way to style it up. I stuck with classics such as this white blouse and a full leather skirt teamed with a pair of shoes that bought a pop of colour to the outfit. I also opted for heavier eye make up because I tend to keep it relatively light through the summer months and so it was nice for a change to opt for something a little darker, edgier even for the transition from summer to Fall.


Lately the energy around me has been feeling a little out of sorts, like an uncomfortableness that isn’t shifting. As I continue to focus on my spiritual and personal growth, I find that I try and shred parts of me that no longer serve me and a lot of the time that’s old thought patterns/beliefs that I feel hold me back instead of propell me forward. This can bring a sense of enlightenment and it makes me want to share that feeling with those around me in order to help them. It’s taken a long time, a lot of self reflection, a lot of mental challenges to just start the process of changing the way I think for what I feel and believe to be for the better. But when we make the conscious decision to take charge, make changes and live a more authentic version of ourselves, it can be and feel both incredibly exciting and lonely at times. It’s great when you feel the positive effects of change within yourself, one feels calmer, grounded and in touch with everything. But on the flip side you start to feel distant from the people you once felt closest to and that’s a lonely place to be.


It can make one feel like you’ve got to revert back to place just to feel included but what would be the point in reversing all that work. It can make one feel as though no one understands you and that can be challenging and my heart goes out to anyone who’s  feeling that right now. I know with any kind of change it’s always going to take a little time to adapt and maybe it’s hard for the people we are close to as well, to deal with the change they see in us because change whether it’s good or bad is still difficult to adjust to and I realise that and accept that truth. I just have to trust that everything will find balance in the end and use that sense of faith as a form of encouragement to carry on with living a life that feels right for me. I need to have patience with myself and others, allow myself to feel the uncomfortable feelings as part of the process, safe in the knowledge that it will one day pass.


Let me me know if you’ve ever felt this way too.

Sending you love and light this beautiful autumnal Monday, Daniella x







(old) Isabel Marant Etoile Blazer

(old) Reiss Blouse – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Warehouse Leather Skirt – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Topshop Shoes – similar HERE

PORTER Magazine



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