Life’s Lessons: The Trust Exercise





I feel so strongly that this has been quite the year for spiritual growth for me and my family. I belive that we all as individuals have life lessons that we need to learn from, so that we can (hopefully) learn and grow from these lessons and once we’ve completed them we may move onto new lessons and it’s a continuation of growth. It’s kind of amazing that we have these learning opportunities but each lesson can been challenging but I belive that the more we are aware to the fact that we are in the process of growth and spiritual education, the more we can find peace within ourselves during these times.


For my family and I, I do belive that we are currently being taught about patience and faith and in surrendering to the future. Learning to trust in the process no matter how uncertain or uncomfortable the present may seem. To truly surrender and to rely and trust that the path we are walking is the right one even though it all seems so unfair takes unthinkable strength, courage, patience and faith. It has surprised me how much mental strength it takes to just release and trust. It’s like a mental and spiritual version of the trust exercise and I was never too good at those either! Some may even say I have trust issues!


But sometimes when you’ve exhausted every option, knocked on every door, all you can do is hope, pray,  belive and trust that those doors aren’t opening for a good reason and that’s because the road is leading you to somewhere better. It’s not about being defeated or giving up, it’s about surrendering to what the universe is showing you. You can make all the plans in the world but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen exactly the way you had hoped or imagined but that’s not to say you can’t acheive your plans, it just might mean, God, the universe or whoever or whatever it is you belive in has a different route in mind. One of which may seem scary or uncertain at times but I belive that ultimately its a road that we can learn and grow from and if we allow ourselves to surrender to that path then hopefully it will take us to place better then we could have ever imagined.


Maybe I’m just a dreamer, trying to make good of a testing situation but I don’t belive that’s the case. And if I’m wrong then at least I’m getting through this frustrating time in our life with a positive outlook if nothing else.

A quick word on my outfit before I love you and leave you. I was inspired by Pre-Fall style. The black  blazer and longline shorts teamed with my go-top of the moment, my knitted Joseph polo and classic loafers had a somewhat back-to-school vibe that always gives an indication of Autumn. It’s simple, chic, easy to wear and a little androgynous. My kind of combo.

I hope you enjoyed todays post.

 Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







(old) Topman Blazer

Joseph Polo Top – love this HERE & HERE

Marks & Spencer Shorts – similar HERE

Russell & Bromley Loafers – HERE & love these HERE


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