Crystals For Beginners: Citrine

For my last instalment of my Crystals For Beginners, I’ve saved one of my favourites for last, Citrine. Citrine was one of the first crystals that I really connected to on a healing level. It was when I suffered with my first bad relapse with the M.E when I was seventeen years old and I was given a piece of citrine by a family friend. That was a time where I would spend the majority of my time in bed and that was the crystal that I would pretty much hold onto or place on my stomach all day and night. And if I didn’t have it physically touching me I would have next to my bedside.


It took me about nine months to get me to a point where I could start functioning and living a relatively normal existence again, well, as normal as someone with M.E can live.  But what was weird  was that over those nine months not only did I get healthier physically but on a mental level I always felt as though I went through some transformation and grew emotionally and spiritually in ways that I appreciate even more so looking back now. I became more confident in who I was, didn’t feel the need to be accepted by groups of people I’d previously been hanging out with.

In turn my friend group became significantly smaller, just a very select few and I was much happier with that. And though I dated a few different guys after the relapse I didn’t feel the need to have a boyfriend, I was finally content and even seeked to just be without the hassle of a relationship. Ironically this revaluation lead me to later meeting the love of life who I am still with eleven years later. Though at this point it was just the beginning of my journey to self discovery, I can’t help but feel it was the working so intensely with citrine for such big period of time that really set me on the path to leading a more authentic life.


So let’s look at the healing properties that I belive make Citrine a great crystal for beginners.




Citrine The Stone Of Abundance:

One of the most known attributes of Citrine is how it is believed to be one of the best stones for attracting wealth and abundance to ones life. Though there are other crystals that are great for this also, Citrine is the perfect place to start for if you want to bring more abundance into your life. I think it’s safe to say that we all crave a little more abundance. I would suggest wearing a piece of Citrine jewellery to help you to attract more wealth and abundance or to even look into where to best place Citrine in your home in correspondence with feng Shui and the money corner.


Citrine The Stone Of Creativity: 

It is often pointed out how Citrine is a helpful crystal for enhancing creativity and releasing creative blockages. I never used to consider myself a creative person but that was because I didn’t understand that creativity comes in many different forms. I would definitely consider myself a creative soul now and if I’m honest I belive creativity is something we all have within us. I just feel a lot of us don’t realise the potential that often lies dormant inside us or for whatever reason. It could be something that has happened in the past that has consciously or subconsciously caused you to shy away from our creative thoughts. Maybe you were discouraged from something creative at young age which understandably hurt you and so you spent the rest of your life shutting it out. Well start working with this beautiful crystal to unlock and release your inner creator. Or do you already know your creative talents and you’re simply feeling blocked, uninspired and struggling to deal with the pressure that either you yourself or someone else is putting on you to BE CREATIVE! Then try bringing Citrine in your daily routine to help heal those creative blocks.


Citrine The Stone Of Confidence:

Because Of The connection Citrine has to the solar plexus chakra, Citrine has a wonderful healing energy for confidence issues. Maybe you need help and encouragement in believing in yourself, having confidence to express who you are without the fear of what others might say, then introduce this golden stone into your life, find an affirmation that suits you and say it in your head or aloud (I recommend aloud but I started by saying it in my head) whilst holding onto Citrine. This might be a good stone for your child to keep in his/here pocket if they are struggling with confidence issues that can arise from being at school, possibly feeling like they aren’t doing well enough.


Citrine The Stone To Aid Digestion, Chronic Fatigue & Depression:

Though there are more then these three healing attributes that I’ve listed above both in the emotional sense and the physical sense, I believe that because this is crystals for beginners, I want to focus on the broader and more well known healing properties of Citrine. So if you or someone you know is having digestive problems, dealing with any kind of chronic fatigue or having a hard time emotionally and regardless to whether you or they have been dealing with these problems long or short term then consider bringing in and working with Citrine. As you may know i have M.E (Epstein-Barr) and so this is a crystal I work closely with and have daily contact with this stone and would definitely urge anyone else suffering with this horrible illness to get a piece.


Citrine & Who To Buy It For:

Apart from yourself, this crystal would make a great gift for those who’ve just opened a shop or started a new business. I once bought a Citrine key ring for a friend who had just opened her shop. I liked the idea of the Stone Of success and abundance hanging on her shop keys.

You would buy this stone for someone who’s battling depression or just going through a rough patch and needs a little light in their life. 

This crystal would make a great gift for someone who’s about to start a collage or university course or a new job that’s creative in nature.



Whatever attracts you to this golden/yellow stone I can promise you that working with it won’t be a mistake. I shouldn’t play favourites I know but this really is one of mine. I hope you’ve found this post enlightening and helpful and I really hope you’ve enjoyed my Crystals For Beginners blog series! I’ve really enjoyed writing them and sharing the small amount of knowledge that I’ve learnt over the years. It was different for me to open up about my affinity to crystals but it was something I really wanted to do and I’m glad I followed my gut on this one. I hope to talk more about crystals in the near future and I hope you, the readers are cool with that too?!


Sending you love, light and healing,

Daniella x



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Always seek medical advice from a professional.

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