The GoodWood Revival: A Step Back In Time





Yesterday, you may remember me mentioning that the boyfriend and I went to the GoodWood Revival event on Sunday and as I said, here is a post that gives you some insight into the event. It was kind of a last minute thing, deciding to get tickets for this, the boy is really into cars, especially super cars and classic cars and he recently started to focus his creativite energy into car photography and this seemed as though it would be a great opportunity/experience for him. But what was great that it would be well suited to me too and though I would have gone to support him anyway, it was nice to know that it would hopefully be a day that we could both enjoy. He could enjoy all the motor sport whilst I could enjoy all the vintage style.


It was a little hard to know exactly what to expect, as neither of us had ever been to the GoodWood Revival before but we went with the expectation of seeing classic cars, car racing, vintage fashion and some retro themed decor. What we got really and truly blew our minds and our expectations. It was beyond what we could have imagined, I mean the dedication to create an authentic feeling as though you’ve stepped back in time was pretty remarkable. Though it’s not mandatory, there is a dress code if you want to participate and that’s to take inspiration from the iconic style eras of the 40s, 50s and 60s and dress accordingly. I wasn’t expecting as many people to embrace the theme as much as they did. I mean honestly, it was weird if I seen someone who wasn’t embracing the dress code. The effort everyone put into their style was so inspiring, it kinda reminded me of fashion week but as if I had stepped back in time and on a much bigger/busier scale.


When it came to my own look, as I said I really didn’t know what to expect and so for me, the most important thing was remaining comfortable. I know this sounds boring but it was a long drive to get there, a very early start and I knew it was likely to be a very long day and so I had to be mindful of that. So I took inspiration from classic riviera style and teamed a striped top with a pair of wide leg linen trousers and my superga sneakers. I  used a vintage scarf for a hair accessory, my vintage top handle bag and my retro sunglasses by Black Eyewear. I wasn’t originally going to take the faux fur stole but concerned that I might get chilly, I thought it to be my best option. The amount of woman committed to their vintage look, walking around in heels all day long was admirable because I certainly couldn’t have done it, so hats off to them.


Though it was pretty much amazing in every way, there were a couple of annoyances. The food carts were charging eye watering prices for the most basic of products. Two teas cost £5.00, the same as what it costs for a big bag of tea bags. For two very standard panini’s it was £17.00! For two slices of cake, £10.00. So that was a little frustrating. Also there was a lot of areas that were for specific ticket holders only, the kind you have to pay a lot of money for and whilst it’s to be expected a little, we didn’t expect the amount of areas that there were to be off limits. Despite this though, we fully intend on going back next year and may even make a weekend of it, as it felt as though it was impossible to see everything in one day.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I would have loved to get more photos of the style that was around but it was honestly so busy, it was hard enough to get the shots above.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





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