Monday Blues: A Day For Double Denim




Happy Monday Folks!

I am currently writing this post from my bed, I’m exhausted today after our very long day at the GoodWood Revival car show yesterday. My boyfriend loves car and well he’s been trying to make time to be more involved in what he’s passionate about and what he enjoys. So we’ve being going to a few car shows recently and well he’s supported all my fashion week trips and so on and so I am more then happy to return the support. Plus I love classic cars and so anything that involves them, isoretty enjoyable for me too. Anyway I took a few shots of the day and I’m hoping to put a blogpost together today (if I make it out of bed) so I can give you a closer look at the event includes.


A fan fan of double denim always, I put together this outfit, which has this kinda retro seventies undertone about it. An era I constantly draw inspiration from. Accessories I kept a minimal, with just a pair of oversized aviator sunglasses and a simple yet striking touch with a red lip. At first we were struggling to get the photos on track, the sunlight was rather harsh. But with my mums incredible patience, we worked through it and got some great shots.

Have a great start to your week my lovelies!

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x




(old) Gucci Sunglasses

Polo Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt – HERE

RAEY Jeans


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