Why It’s Okay To Sometimes Be Vulnerable



Leather and lace continues to be one of all my all time favourite combinations. Textures that are so contrasting yet work so beautifully together. I feel, like if I were to look at the outfit symbolically that I could resonate with this on an emotional level right now. The lace is delicate in its form, could be easily ripped if it were to catch on a thorn and so to keep the lace protected it needs a tough outer layer to prevent this from happening and that is where the resilient leather jacket comes in.


Being a cancerian, we are naturally very emotional/sensitive individuals and so to protect ourselves we rely upon our hard outer shells to help prevent ourselves from getting hurt, though in the more mental and emotional sense of the word. This obviously isn’t unique to this star sign and even if you’re aren’t into astrology, I’m sure you have either felt this way or know of someone who may appear to be tough and possibly even emotionless on the outside but on the inside you or they are very sensitive and even have the potential to even be emotionally vulnerable.


Maybe you’ve gone through something that has subconsciously or consciously taught you that by being you, expressing your sensitivity or emotions gets you hurt and so to make sure no one makes you feel that way again, you wrap yourself in armour (figuratively speaking) to ensure your emotional safety. I am definitely no stranger to this and from time to time, putting on my armour or retreating into “my shell” so to speak has helped me through tough times and when I have needed to make more logical decisions rather then emotionally driven ones.


But that said, I have also had to learn that it’s okay to be vulnerable to myself and others. It allows them to see the real me and it allows me to be truthful about who I am. Yes, it leaves me open to potentially becoming hurt but if someone chooses to hurt me, then that’s on them, that’s a reflection on their character. That knowledge may not take away the emotional pain but at least it’s authentic. And just because past experience has taught us that being sensitive or expressive of who we truly are leaves us vulnerable and in the past has led us to hurt, doesn’t mean that this will always be the final outcome. We can’t let those experiences define or dictate our future happiness and if we remain closed off or hidden in our armour then that is exactly what we are doing and allowing to happen. It’s only us that has the responsibility and power to change that.

The other day my mum, my sister and I had gone into to town for a stroll around and my eldest nephew was with us and we were in the last shop, he really wanted this pillow (I swear this kid, he loves soft blankets and pillows more then he loves toys, it’s so cute) and my sister didn’t think she had enough money to buy it for him and bless his heart, he couldn’t control his emotions and he started to cry. Not in a tantrum but in a way that was just a pure uncontrollable reaction to the way he was feeling.


In the car on the way home we were congratulating him on how well he had coped in town (we belive he has Aspergers and he’s not great for going into town, it can often overwhelm him) and he said that he didn’t do well because he cried in public. I went on to reassure him that it was nothing to be ashamed of, that he is only seven years old and not to be so hard on himself. That crying is just an emotion, like laughter is and that everyone does it. I explained that even I, almost 30 still becomes upset if I see something that I can’t buy and so it’s natural to feel this way. I think it’s important to teach the next generation that being in touch with our emotions is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed by. That In Fact it makes us more compassionate and empathetic as humans and the world needs souls like that here on earth more then ever.


Well, I know this was a far more in depth post then you probably first anticipated, I mean leather and lace, how deep can you go with that?! Turns out, pretty deep. But thank you For taking the time to read this and feel free to let me know your thoughts.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







(boyfriends old) All Saints Leather Jacket

Topshop Lace Dress

Chanel Bag

(old) Newbark Shoes


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