Old Clothes, New Ways & The Last Leg Of Summer





We are in September, can ya even believe it! I spent a lot of my Saturday clearing space in my wardrobe and doing some reorganisatio. I put some of my summer clothes away, the pieces I know that I won’t wear again this summer. If I had my dream wardrobe, I would never have to put  summer or winter clothes away and instead I’d have one side of my walk in wardrobe spring/summer and the other autumn/winter.


See I had to make space because as I start collecting new items for this autumn, I want to be able to see them rather then squeeze them in amongst my existing pieces. I like to think that when one clears space from the old, they’re making room for the new. I’ve never been great at getting rid of things or throwing out my clothes because I’m always finding new ways to wear my old clothes and I’m not into fast fashion, so when I do buy an item of clothing, I see it as investment regardless of weather it’s designer or high street. I don’t buy clothes as a quick fix, it’s deeper then that for me.


Though I have started to put some pre-fall outfits together, there are still some looks to share from the last leg of summer. Today’s look is actually a perfect example of why I don’t throw things out because apart from the skirt, which I bought back in the early spring, everything is old. As fun as it is to wear new clothes, I don’t belive that it’s true personal style if you’re always dressed in head to toe new pieces all the time.


Well I wish you all a wonderful week, may it bring you auspicious opportunities.

Sending you lots and light,

Daniella x










(old) French Connection Blouse – HERE

ASOS WHITE Floral Print Skirt – HERE

(old) Leather Belt – similar HERE

(old) Marks & Spencer Flats – love these HERE


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