Evening Style: All Is Golden










This Friday has come around rather quickly and for today’s post I’m sharing two looks that reflect my evening style. Both these looks feature golden/bronze and creamy coloured pieces, must be a combination that I’m naturally gravitating towards these days. Usually I lean on classic black or simple white for my evening style and so I wanted to make an effort to change that. The first look was for our anniversary meal back at the beginning of the month. The slip skirt is a great way to achieve simple yet elegant style but because I know slip skirts aren’t the easiest to find, a slip dress would look equally as simple and elegant and you could just throw  on a knit over the top and team with a pair of heels to achieve a similar look.


The second outfit was for a more casual evening meal and so the loose, oversized tee was a great way to downplay the opulence of the trousers. Below are a few of my ideas on nailing effortless evening style.


  • I belive when it comes to dressing for the evening it’s best to try and pick pieces that are simple. Simplicity always looks elegant in my opinion.


  • I also like to try and opt for pieces that are silky, velvet or just that little bit special and opulent in texture.


  • Comfort is key, if you wear something that is too tight or something that you have to keep adjusting, you’re going to feel self conscious and uncomfortable and that’s not a good look. You need to feel confident in how you look and what you’re wearing.


  • A red lip looks great and is a fail-safe. Though I would only opt for a red lip if I was doing cocktails and tapas. I find if I wear it for a three course meal, it either ends up all over my face or I’m paranoid that that’s what’s going to happen. So in this case I would opt for heavier eye make up and a more neutral lip.


Ultimately you gotta do you and wear whatever you feel good in, these are just some of my thoughts on achieving chic evening style.


Wishing you a wonderful Friday and fun weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







(old) Warehouse Top – love this HERE

Vince Skirt (old) – similar HERE

Marks & Spencer Shoes


(old) Topshop Tee – similar HERE & HERE

(old) Suno Trousers – love these HERE


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