Friday’s Feelings: Going With The Flow



I’ve spoken out before about trustusting the process, having faith in the outcome and feeling safe in the belief that all that’s supposed to happen will happen in divine timing. This continues to be a consistent message that keeps coming through for my family and I at the moment. So often we crave the knowledge of where our life is going, we sometimes have expectations of how certain situations should go and I guess this is because it gives us a sense of security and a sense of direction. But life often has a way of stirring the pot and surprising you with twists and turns that you didn’t expect or see coming and sometimes this can be great instantly and sometimes it can seem unfair, unjust and something that throws you into the deep end. Situations such as these can be incredibly challenging mentally, spiritually and emotionally, which can leave you feeling drained physically and so anyone going through something that’s got you feeling like this, then I sincerely send you my love.


When faced with something unjust or an outcome that you didn’t see coming, it can feel incredibly instinctive to fight against it, or at least that’s how I’m programmed. I mean I don’t like being told no on even the smallest of matters but if I’ve been told no or that I can’t in a way that feels morally incorrect then I have to stand up for myself and I’ve always encouraged others to do so too. Though the majority of this reaction comes from despising any kind of injustice, I also think a part of it is because it gives me something to focus on, it gives me the next step and a sense of direction. But what if sometimes I/we simply tried just going with the flow of the outcome safe in knowledge that it will be for a good reason and that a better outcome is further down the line, we just aren’t able to it yet but in divine timing we will?!


It’s something that I feel needs to be practiced, so,etimes it’s good to put up a fight but maybe it’s about knowing when to walk away (so to speak) and it’s not about being weak because that’s the go talking, it’s about having a higher understanding of how God/the universe (whatever  term or belief works for you) works and there are occasions where we just have to go with the flow and have faith that the flow will take us to a safer and more abundant destination then the one we first envisioned.


Its hard to to know exactly, life is like one big guessing game and all I can do is trust my gut instincts and the divine/angelic/universal guidance that has already got me this far and blessed my family with so much. So maybe try going with the flow from time to time and see where you end up. You never know, it just may be more magical then you had ever imagined!


Sending you you love and light.

May your weekend be filled with fun,

Daniella x











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