Crystals For Beginners: Clear Quartz


For my third instalment of my Crystals For Beginners blog series I’m sharing with you the third crystal I belive every crystal beginner should consider bringing into their space, which is Clear Quartz. Maybe I should have begun with this crystal but instead I went with Amethyst, though none of these posts have any kind of order to them other then the crystals that I share with you are the ones I belive you should consider working with if you don’t know where to or what crystal you should start with.


I’ll admit my personal experience with clear quartz isn’t as connected as my experience has been with the previous two crystals I’ve posted about (Amethyst & Rose Quartz) but Clear Quartz should absolutely be one of the first crystals you begin your collection with. Whilst I’ve not worked as closely to clear Quartz as I have with other crystals, it’s one of those stones that I’ve always had and found comfort in just by simply knowing it’s there. My boyfriend bought me a rather large piece for birthday years ago and it’s sat on my dresser and I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I just stare at it, I find it mesmerising. So on reflection to my previous statement about not having a personal experience with clear Quartz in the way I’ve had with others, maybe that’s not quite true, maybe just my experience with clear Quartz is different. So below I’ll list some reasons why I think and belive Clear Quartz is a must-have crystal to help kick start your crystal collection and to work with.





Clear Quartz – The Crystal Booster:

One of the reasons that Clear Quartz is a must, is due to its natural abilities to enhance the healing attributes of other crystals. So either place your Clear Quartz piece next to or on top of another chosen crystal to charge and enhance the energy and vibration of the crystal. Or maybe you could try holding a piece of Clear Quartz with another crystal or even keeping your chosen pieces in your pocket.


Clear Quartz – The Chakra Cleanser:

It is said and also what I belive to be true that Clear Quartz is a great stone for all round chakra cleansing and clearing. Some crystals are great for targeting specific chakras in healing work but I think Clear Quartz works well for healing and bringing alignment to all. Though I have also read recently that it does have a close connection to the crown chakra, this could be due to the Clear Quartz’s ability to download and process information. The connection it is said to have to the crown chakra actually brings me to my next point.


Clear Quartz – The Headache Healer:

I mentioned in my amethyst post how amethyst is a great stone for helping to heal headaches but Clear Quartz  is also pretty great for this too and is often underestimated or simply forgotten about when it comes to this, I myself am also guilty of not always remembering Clear Quartz great potential for assisting in helping to heal headaches. So next time you have a headace, give yourself some relief by either holding or placing a piece on your head. Or for a ultimate headache healing, crystal combo, try holding or placing both amethyst & Clear Quartz.



Clear Quartz – Make It Personal To You:

Something I learnt about Clear Quartz that I absolutely love, is that you can program it with your own personal affirmation. Try sitting with a piece and holding on to it whilst trying to focus on taking nice calm breaths and send this crystal a positive message of what healing you’re needing from it or you can say a prayer with it and it will remember this energy and send it back to you. It really is a beautiful and magical gift from nature and for those who are open minded enough, I encourage you to embrace this magical opportunity of healing.



Clear Quartz – The immunity booster:

Clear Quartz is a great all round healing crystal but it does help with boosting ones immune system in particular. So whether your body is fighting something or you just want to help keep your body in good working order, then try working with Clear Quartz to encourage this.



Clear Quartz – When In Doubt: 

Something I personally love about Clear Quartz is that when I’m not feeling particularly drawn to a certain crystal but I know I want or need to seek comfort from holding one or maybe just having one me, like in my pocket or carrying one in my bag, I find that Clear Quartz is a great neutral stone to reach for. Because it’s healing is on so many levels, I just know that it won’t be letting me down and I can rely on it to be healing me in an overall way. So when in doubt, reach for Clear Quartz.



Clear Quartz – Psychic Uses:

I’ve read a few times now and though it’s an attribute that I often forget about when it comes to Clear Quartz but if you are working on your clairvoyant abilities or any kind of natural psychic ability, then Clear Quartz can help you with developing this skill. So whilst amethyst is great for psychic protection, Clear Quartz is a wonderful stone for helping one get in touch with their psychic intuition.



Well, I hope you have enjoyed my third Crystals For Beginners post. If you have any questions just drop me a comment and i’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x



Though I believe in the power of crystals, these are just my thoughts and you should always seek “professional” advice.


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