Summer Minimalism: Every Detail Counts





Editing these photos was such a pleasure for me, I was so happy with how they turned out! Whenever we are shooting an outfit of mine that is minimalist, it’s important for me to make sure that we make an effort to capture the look at different and interesting angles but most importantly capturing the finer details of the outfit. Because for me when styling an outfit that I consider to be minimalist, it’s usually the finer details that’s making the look. Whether its putting focus on texture and a great example of this is this Joseph top that i’m wearing in todays post, the texture and the pattern it creates could easily be missed from afar in way that a bold print would not and so I try and make sure we give focus to this chic subtlety. And then just a simple detail like the red nails which is also an integral part of the look, the classic colour of red against these summer neutrals were just as considered as any other detail in this outfit.


Whilst the minor details may not be important to some for me it’s a big part of what separates fashion/style from personal style. It’s selective details like these that makes putting together a look more of a creative process for me rather then just something I have to do because I can’t walk around naked.


I hope you like the outfit I am sharing with you today.

Sending you an abundance of love and light,

Daniella x










Le Specs Sunglasses – love these HERE

Joseph Polo Top – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Nicole Farhi Trousers – love these HERE

Maison Bengal Bag – HERE

Trees Flip Flops – HERE


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