I Can See A Rainbow: How To Style This Colourful Trend

Wear Now – Colourful Stripe Skirt 




Nico Giani Bag – HERE

Topshop Earrings – HERE

Katharine Hamnett Green Blouse – HERE

Urban Outfitters Stripe Skirt – HERE

Uterque Tan Shoes – HERE


Wear Later – The Colourful Stripe Skirt 



Topshop Leather Jacket – HERE

Topshop Hoop Earrings – HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Red Lipstick – HERE

Summa T-Shirt – HERE

Topshop Trainers – HERE

Mango Necklace – HERE

Urban Outfitters Stripe  Skirt – HERE

Wear Now – The Colourful Shirt 




Tory Burch Shirt – HERE

Pat McGrath Lipstick – HERE

Nico Giani Bag – HERE

Topshop Shoes – HERE

Joseph Jeans – HERE

Olive Clothing Earrings – HERE

Wear Later – The Colourful Shirt 





Warehouse Trench Coat – HERE

Tory Burch Shirt – HERE

Olivia Burton Watch – HERE

Topshop Trousers – HERE

Uterque Tan Boots – HERE

Mango Snake Print Bag – HERE


Wear Now – The Rainbow Bag 


Outfit 1:

Topshop Boutique Dress – HERE

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish – HERE

Staud Bag – HERE

Olive Clothing Earrings – HERE

Zara Slides – HERE


Wear Later – The Rainbow Bag 


Outfit 2:

Acne Studios Knit – HERE

Topshop Shirt – HERE

Mango Jeans – HERE

Staud Bag – HERE

Zara Boots – HERE


Wear Now – The Cheerful Stripe Dress 




Outfit 1:

Warehouse Stripe Dress – HERE

Mango Earrings – HERE

Loeffler Randall Bag – HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick – HERE

Zara Sandals – HERE


Wear Later – The Cheerful Stripe Dress 



Outfit 2:

Warehouse Trench Coat – HERE

Warehouse Stripe Dress – HERE

Marks & Spencer Turtleneck – HERE

Zara Boots – HERE

Jason Wu Parfum – HERE


Wear Now – The Rainbow Trousers 



Outfit 1:

Topshop Blouse – HERE

New Look Trousers – HERE

Carrie Forbes Slides – HERE

Poppy Lissiman Sunglasses – HERE

Topshop Lipstick – HERE




Things are getting colourful in fashion right now and I don’t know if it is going to be a big trend but you’ll defiantly see a lot of colourful stripes or patterns appearing over the next few months. If you’re thinking about trying this kind of style out, then as you can see above, i’ve got some outfit ideas for you to try for both now (late summer) and later (The Autumn). I know these kind of colours and print may be a bit much for some but hopefully this will inspire you to at least open your mind to the possibility of stepping out of your comfort zone and into a more colourful world. You could even start small with the just a bag (this one HERE by Staud). I know I didn’t do a “wear later” look for the trousers featured in the last outfit but if I am being honest with you, I ran out of time. But you could try white boots with a navy oversized knit.

My two personal favourites are the Stripe dress by Warehouse and the colour block shirt by Tory Burch.

Anyway I hope you like the outfit ideas, please do let me know your thoughts if you have any.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Photo via Who What Wear


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