The Summertime Slip Skirt




If there are two things I am into this summer it’s this gold/bronze coloured slip skirt and my Superga sneakers and so naturally I thought why not try the two together and you know what, I believe it worked a treat. I got this skirt in the autumn last year and though it worked well through the festive period, it really has been bought to life this summer! I also dug out my old Toteme black polo top because you know, polo tops are kinda having a thing right now and well theres no need to invest in a new one when i’ve got a perfectly chic and timeless one sitting in my existing wardrobe.


As I write this its sunday morning and we are scheduled to go to some kind of classic car meet or show or something, I don’t know, it’s more of a thing that the boyfriend knows more about. Anyway, I love classic cars, so i’m looking forward to it and we are also taking our youngest nephew who is three and I’ve just been told that he hasn’t slept all night, so could be interesting. We took our eldest nephew out last weekend and so now it’s the youngest’s turn. I’d like to take both of them but they’re both on the autistic spectrum and I don’t think we are up to that just yet and to be honest they work better separately for day’s like this and ultimately we want them to get the best out of the day and so with that said we kinda have to be a little more strategic when planning these things.


We’ve always taken our older nephew out but with the younger one, its been more challenging just because his development has been different, he’s only really reached a point where we can attempt trips like today. I’d like to go into more about our journey with the boys and their autism and i’m sure I will do this in the near future because I feel it needs to be spoken about more and especially by those who are actually going through it as apposed to doctors or healthcare professionals who quite often make you feel more alone.



Anyway wishing you a great start to the week.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







Black Eyewear Sunglasses – HERE

(old) Toteme Polo – love this HERE

(old) Vince Slip Skirt – similar HERE & HERE & love this HERE  & HERE

Superga Sneakers – great selection HERE



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