The “Rules Are Made For Breaking” Outfit





Happy Monday Everyone! I hope your weekend was fun. Though it was a dull and rather rainy weather we still managed to make the most of the weekend, which isn’t always the easiest when the weather is miserable and especially when we’ve become so spoiled by weeks and weeks of beautiful summer weather, it’s kinda like “what do we do now” when the rainy weather comes to town.


It’s been a while since I had a style moment with this denim mini skirt but thanks to the hot summer we’ve had, it seemed like a simple and obvious option. Though a crisp white midi dress and sandals would make for a far chicer look, I have to say it was nice to show a little leg and feel a little sexier. I always lived by the show the legs, cover the top rule but as they, “rules are made for breaking” and so I went for it! Low cut top and short hem skirt was my vibe that day and i’m not even sorry! A classic kitten heel and my classic Chanel bag gave the sassy outfit a somewhat polished finished.


Last week I did my spiritual/wellbeing thins with my second “Crystals For Beginners”  post and so this week  I think i’m going to keep things style related with some moodpboard posts and outfit ideas blogs. The passion is there, now I just got to get my ass into gear and make those posts happen.

Wishing you a great start to the week and sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella xox











Black Eyewear sunglasses

Topshop Floral print Blouse – love this HERE, HERE & HERE

(old) Topshop Denim Skirt – similar Here

(old) Topshop Kitten Heels – love these Here & HERE


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