Making Pink Waves




There is something so fun about putting some vibrant colour in my hair. Over the last year and a bit i’ve experimented with putting pink in my hair a handful of times and I can honestly say I never regret it. I remember it took me years to finally take the plunge and now I love that I have the confidence to just go for it, if I wake up in the mood for pink hair. I would like to try some other colours too but if i’m honest I just always forget to buy them. It literally washes out in just a few washes, so that even if I did regret it, it would’ve take long for my hair to go back to normal. I love how vibrant the sunnies looked with the pink hair too, I feel the pink really elevated the lilac colour of the sunglasses.

This look for me was all about having fun, whilst also being conscious of the extreme heat we were having that day.

I wish you all a lovely Friday, followed by a great weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





MY OUTFIT: Black Eyewear Sunglasses – HERE

(old) Silk Top – love this HERE

Urban Outfitters Check Skirt – love these HERE

Ivy Park Sliders – HERE



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