Why We May Be Holding Ourselves Back From Happiness & Here’s How To Change It









Something I wanted to talk about this week is feeling and believing that you’re worthy of living a life that you dream of living. Feeling worthy of attracting the success, financial prosperity, the mental or physical healing you desire, worthy of finding true love or a partner that loves you and treats you with kindness and support. Whatever it is, I think it’s important that we work on healing any part of us that thinks we aren’t deservingly this.

As you may already know, I belive in the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations leads to positive actions which when combined with determination & effort leads to positive results. All of this is great and powerful undoubtedly but what I’ve been learning and working on this week is actually believing I’m deserving of this. Sometimes for whatever reason we think and belive on a conscious or subconscious level that we don’t deserve things like success, love, money, health, help and so on and I belive that this blocks the flow of receiving abundance.

We are often encouraged to believe that we should be grateful for what we have in life because they are many out there with a lot less then us and you know, what makes us so special?! We are told that to want more is a greed and so again to be content in what you already have. This was for a long time my belief also and on a level I belive parts of it to be true. I do belive that we should always express our gratitude for what we have and recognise our good fortune in the areas that we are blessed with it and even in the areas where it seems we are not, it will be teaching us something and that we should be grateful for this lesson also. I also think we should find contentment in life and especially in the things we so often take for granted, as contentment brings forth the feeling of peace and peace is a beautiful quality to feel and have.

But all this doesn’t mean it’s wrong or greedy to strive for more or to desire materialistic things. As long as you do things from the heart without treading on others to elevate yourself then you know what, it’s good to live in a way that makes you happy. Because when we are happy, we glow and that positive energy lights up others.


So the message to myself and to those who are reading this, is to work on healing any old or outdated beliefs that we may be holding on to in where it’s wrong to desire or dream of happier, healthier more prosperous life. To allow abundance in all forms to enter our lives without fear or guilt and to instead be accepting and grateful of the gifts that come to you and that you work for.


To touch on my outfit before I go, the dress I’m wearing is from Zara and it was a birthday gift. I love anything linen in the summer and this khaki piece is a perfect addition. It’s so effortless to wear and yet looks super chic. I paired it with my superga shoes and my basket bag for casual, cool summer combo.

Sending you love and light and I hope you enjoyed today’s post, Daniella x





Zara Linen Dress – HERE

(old) Basket Bag – love this HERE & HERE

Superga Shoes – HERE


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