Crystals For Beginners: Rose Quartz


Welcome back to my crystals for beginners series, if you haven’t seen my first post about Amethyst, then you can check it out Here. Today I’m going to share with you on why I belive Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal to add to your beginners collection.

Rose Quartz has for a long time been one of favourite go-to crystals and one that I truly feel so connected to. I really belive it has helped me to overcome and heal a lot that needed healing. I know this may sound unfathomable to some but it’s my belief and like I’ve said before I want to share what has helped me in case it may be of some use and benifit to others.


Heart chakra & Heartbreak:

Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra and so needless to say is wonderful for helping to heal and aid matters of the heart. Maybe you’ve been heartbroken, I’m sure you have as it’s something we all must face at some point in our lives, whether it’s in a romantic sense, or from friendship, from a partner or a sibling or even from loss. Being or feeling heartbroken is part of our learning process but we don’t have to become bitter from it and with time we can definitely heal and Rose Quartz helps us pick up those pieces and shows us how to learn to love and accept love once again.


Your Home:

Rose Quartz is a great crystal to keep in your home and especially in the bedroom, to increase and encourage a loving environment. Rose Quartz  is also an incredibly calming stone and so another reason why you should consider keeping a piece in your bedroom preferably by your bed, to promote feelings of calmness, something we all need when it comes to resting our head.


Soul love:

Rose Quartz is the stone of love in many peoples view and I couldn’t agree more. Not only on a romantic level but on a level that we are all souls trying to adapt to the human exsistance and in a world where media promotes so much negativity and so it seems wherever we turn there is some kind of injustice, mistreatment of the vulnerable, war, terror, sickness and so on, it can be overwhelming and we are at risk of our anger taking hold of us and making us bitter and pessimistic towards humanity. We may easily forget that love is the answer and is so desperately needed. Rose Quartz helps us to reconnect to love on a soul level and reminds us that love heals, whilst hate fuels.


Self love:

I belive Rose Quartz to be a wonderful crystal great for not only encouraging love in a romantic sense or on a soul level but is also a great crystal for teaching us to love ourselves. Over the years self love and self acceptance has been something I’ve personally been on journey with. Self love is not narcissistic, that’s an ego based situation. No, self love is learning to love ones individual qualities. It’s about healing and letting go of what once caused us deep hurt and saying to ourselves that it’s okay to be and express who we are even if we’ve been put down for it in the past. For example, maybe you’ve been told you’re too sensitive and so you’ve seen your emotions as a negative but really it shows you’re compassionate and in tune and I belive that Rose Quartz helps us to learn to love that about ourselves rather then push that away.




Self love & Relationships:

They say once you love yourself, then it makes it easier to accept love from others and that sets the foundation for a healthy, long lasting relationship, something so many people struggle with. So you see why self love is necessary?! We will always have trust issues with our partners if we think we aren’t loveable and so consider working with Rose Quartz if you if you’re having trouble with finding love, accepting love, trust issues in love but remember it’s not a magic stone that will fix all of that straight away. First you have to work with it, take time to hold it and focus on the intention that you hold in your heart. Work on yourself learning to love yourself and heal yourself to then go on and truly see how this stone can change the imbalance of your love life. Once you learn to love yourself, It could enhance an exsisting relationship or maybe it will show you that someone you thought was giving you love actually isn’t good for you at all and it’s only now you love yourself, that you are able to see that clearly. But that’s okay, let them go with the trust that you will find someone much better suited for you next time.




Rose Quartz helps one to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. Sometimes the ego protects us from taking responsibility for our actions but if we separate from that, see where we’ve let ourselves down and others, then we can begin to forgive and heal from that. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes unless you choose not to recognise that mistake, learn from it but most importantly forgive yourself for it. We are just human and growth comes from messing up but you can’t grow if you don’t forgive. One of my own personal flaws is that I don’t forgive easily, I don’t know why that is other then the fact that I’m a canceraian. But working with Rose Quartz has helped me with this. Not forgiving someone honestly only holds you back, not them! So work with Rose Quartz to aid you in forgivness, so that you can move on in your life.



Like Amethyst Rose Quartz is said to help with creating a better nights sleep, Keep nightmares at bay and whether it’s you or your child, help settle any fear of the dark. So yet another reason why it’s great to keep a piece of this In your bedroom and maybe a smaller piece to fit under your pillow. Consider this stone for your child’s room or your babies nursery, to promote a calm and gentle atmosphere.


Physical Healing:

In in terms of physical healing, it’s believed that because of the stones connection to the heart chakra, this crystal is a helpful stone to hold or wear for helping to heal any physical problems of the heart. It is also considered to be a good stone for the reproductive system and any feminine problems one may be dealing with.


Gift Ideas For Rose Quartz:

I once received a beautiful piece of Rose Quartz from my boyfriend for Valentines Day. It was a delightful gift to receive and I think it’s a bit different to the normal valentines gifts, which I can most certainly appreciate. You can often find chunks of Rose Quartz that resemble the shape of a heart, it’s werdly quite common or you can get a polished piece that’s been carved into the shape of a heart. Both can be inexpensive yet would make the perfect gift for expressing love on valentines or an anniversary. It would also make a lovely wedding gift to newlyweds. Remember Rose Quartz is often used in jewellery too, more affordable and luxury pieces are both widely available.



I hope this this post has been helpful and insightful for you today. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with Rose Quartz before.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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