Life Lessons: Focus On The Present, Trust In The Process








Do you ever feel that with each new week or month, brings a theme in where life, the universe or whatever is trying to highlight an area in your present situation that needs working on? Like a certain way of thinking that you are prone to and this could be something you’re are aware of or maybe you think a certain way and you’re not even aware that you’re doing it as much as you’re. Maybe I’m confusing you with my ramblings right now, so let me try and explain a little.

For the last few days, I’ve been having recurring messages, not in my head but through the tarot cards I’ve been doing, through quotes I’ve seen on Pinterest, just a general theme about timing and how I need to trust in the process, focus on the present and not to compare my personal journey with the journey of others. This is something I’ve been aware of over the years and definitely worked on but I guess I needed a reminder.

We have to focus on our own race and almost put our blinders on, like the racehorses are made to wear, so we are not to be distracted by how far ahead or behind someone else may appear to be. And appearance is an interesting word in this scenario because most of the time we compare our behind the scene to the stage appearance of others. You never know what personal battles one is facing and where one may appear to be ahead physically, may need to work on themselves mentally. Maybe someone appears to be ahead of you professionally but what you may not see is how their personal or love life is going. Someone who appears to have it all, the house, the car, the holidays, could possibly be feeling very lonely and facing an inner battle with themselves.


So if you’re feeling tempted by the creativity killer, comparison, then stop and remind yourself of few things:

Stay focused on the now, don’t worry about where you feel should be at this point in your life or put pressure on yourself for where you feel must be in the future.

Trust that you are where you need to be and just keep being you and doing what you love.

Never give up on your dreams, they may not have come into fruition yet but that doesn’t mean they won’t, you must persevere.

There might be some things you need to learn about yourself before your big break comes in and hopefully that will all make sense later on.

Trust in divine timing and in the mean time keep learning, keep expanding, stay creative, take time to get to know yourself, the positives and the negatives and all will come through in the end. 


Sending you love, light and healing,

Daniella x







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