Summer In The Tropics





For my birthday (way back at the start of July) I was treated to a day of shopping by my love. The temptation to shop for clothes was strong and especially as it was at the height of the summer sales. But I wanted to get something that was more memorable, more sentimental and something I don’t get very often. I ventured into the Harvey Nichols perfume department and started sniffing around but then I found myself over at the Jo Malone counter and sniffed away at their limited edition scents. I asked the woman behind the counter for a pen so I could write down the name of colognes on the back of those little paper card things that you spray the samples on, otherwise I end up picking a smell that I like but then have no clue which one it was. After that we walked around for a bit and i would sniff the samples every so often until I eventually decided on the tropical scent. I love how it captures the essence of summer so beautifully and when the winter arrives, no doubt it will transport me to a sunnier place in my minds eye. I also picked up these palm print sleep shorts from Victoria’s Secret, I just love their tropical print. I love going into Victoria’s Secret when I get the opportunity, it’s so feminine in there and it always smells good.


Have a great day, lots of love and light to you,

Daniella xx





Jo Malone Tropical Cologne

Victoria’s Secret Palm Print Shorts





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