Summer Whites For Long Hot Days



Theres nothing quite like summer whites in mid-July. I love a total white look all year round but nothing beats this sublime combo then when worn in the summer. It’s not very often I wear top and trousers that are by the same designer but this Isabel Marant pairing seemed to good to pass on. Anyway I think they’re from different collections so that kinda makes the pairing okay. It’s a little annoying that these photos don’t quite show up the sublime satin texture of the top because in person it’s truly beautiful and adds a lot of visual depth to the outfit.

Are Birks still “cool”? Who knows, who cares, not me because they will always be a summer favourite/classic in my eyes and anyways I belive that almost anything has the ability to look “fashion” when styled with confidence.

Anyway my head has been banging for about two days now and I’m keeping it light in today’s write up because the concentration is just adding the tension and pressure in my head right now. So have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x








Le Specs Sunglasses – HERE

Isabel Marant Top –

(old) Isabel Marant Trousers – love these HERE

Birkenstock Shoes



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