Crystals For Beginners: Amethyst


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on crystals and why I love to work with them, if you haven’t already read it, then Here is the link. Today starts my series of crystals for beginners because I think sometimes we are drawn and intrigued by the thought of working with crystals but may be overwhelmed with where to start. There so many variations of crystals out there that Even I still get overwhelmed with just how many there are.

Now anyone who knows a little about crystals will tell you that you don’t pick the crystals the crystals choose you. Now I know this sounds a little far fetched and mystical but I can honestly say it’s true or at least in my experience. When Looking for a crystals you’ll simply find yourself drawn to a particular one and when you go to read about its properties then you may just find that all it’s healing attributes are perfectly in line with what you’re needing in your current situation and therefore it’s picked you. And so that’s kinda my Interpretation on the whole “the crystal chooses you”.

That said, for any crystal beginners, I do belive that there are a few great all round crystals that I belive everyone should have in their life regardless to each individual personal circumstance. The first one I’m going to focus on is Amethyst. I’m sure you’re  familiar with amethyst, whether it’s by hearing of it or seeing I somewhere at some point. It’s a highly popular crystal and you’ll soon understand why.


So I could go into an in depth write up about this amazing crystal and it’s origins and what it’s made up of and every healing attribute it has but there are many crystal sites that do this ( I’ll link them in at the end of the post, in case you want to further your knowledge) and I’m really targeting this post at beginners and so I’m very aware that I don’t want to bombard you with too much too soon because I think it’s best to keep it simple and light and bit more enjoyable.



So amethyst is a great all round crystal to have because pretty much everyone has problems with sleep at some point or another and this stone when placed under your pillow will help aid sleep and keep nightmares at bay. Every night I place it under my pillow and whilst it’s not a magic wand that will cure all sleep issues, it should certainly at least help. So place a piece under your pillow, under your children’s pillow and it would probably be a lovely crystal for your baby’s nursery too. Though maybe place a piece on a little table next to the cot rather then in the crib itself. 


Amethyst is a wonderful protection stone especially for psychic people or very emotionally intuitive souls. This is another reason why it works for everyone because we can all do with protection against negative energies, whether that comes from the living or not! Maybe carry a piece in your pocket or wear a piece of amethyst jewellery to ensure protection all through the day. Crystal beads are a great, cost effective way to achieve this. 


Now we all suffer with our fair share of headaches so because of the amethysts connection to the higher chakras such as the third eye chakra and crown chakra it makes it a great healing stone for headaches. Amethyst is also has beautiful calming energies, I often reach for the amethyst when I’m struck with a headache. So if you get a lot of headaches or worse migraines or know someone who does then this is a great crystal to work with.



A couple of other uses I often read about this stone, though maybe a little less common, is that amethyst is a lovely stone for assisting with addictive tendencies and also for those who are suffering with loss of loved one. In fact my first memory of this crystal was when I was a little girl, about seven years old and sadly my best friends father had unexpectedly passed away and I remember him showing me a small piece of amethyst that his sister had given him  to hold during the day of his funeral. Remember addictions don’t have to always mean alcoholism or drug addiction it can be much more varied then that. Maybe you know someone who is addicted to an unhealthy way of eating or maybe they’re are addicted to working out. Maybe they are addicted to spending. Whatever it is, this may be a great crystal to help. 


If healing is a part of your job in any way shape or form, then this a lovely stone to hold on to or just have around you and especially in the environment that the healing work takes place. If you’re an artist of any kind, then this will help enhance your creativity. If you’re thinking about getting into anything that requires your natural psychic or intuitive abilities then make sure to work with this crystal because it really is perfect for this kind of scenario. Not only will keep you protected but it will hopefully enhance your vision and connection to your spiritual consciousness.


For more physical healing it a great crystal for healing, aiding and strengthening the immune system. As someone who has for a long time lived with M.E (Epstein Barr) this has, I believed to be a very beneficial crystal to keep by my side. So those who suffer with immune issues of any kind, this is a wonderful stone to keep with you and aid you and lend your immune system some support and healing. If you don’t suffer with immunity problems, then even when you’re battling the common cold, the flu or any other viruses, then reach for this violet beauty. 


I think this concludes today’s post, I really hope you enjoy it. I’m sorry if you’ve come here to see a new outfit post and you’re instead seeing some loon talking about crystals. But there will be a new style post tomorrow and you can check my most recent one here. I know crystals aren’t for everyone but they are close to my heart and I want to share that with whoever is interested. It’s important that I’m authentic in my thoughts,  my beliefs and my passions.


I hope this this post has been helpful and enlightening to you and if you have any questions just leave me a comment.


Love and light to you all,

Daniella x

Sites I recommend for more crystal information –

Crystal Vaults 

Healing Crystals For You 

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Always seek professional medical help for health related issues.



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