Life Necessities: Finding Balance & The Perfect Wide Jeans






Though these photos were taken a few weeks back, I’m still rather excited to share them on the blog today as they feature these ultra wide leg jeans from Raey via MATCHESFASHION.COM. Their light bleach blue hue is perfect and even though I’m a fan of wide leg trousers, it has been a long time since I invested in pair of wide leg jeans like these. I’ve paired them with a printed top that has quickly become my summer go-to blouse, whether dressed up or down, it’s a piece that I’ve definitely been rather reliant upon recently.


If there is one thing I try and include in my daily practices, it’s balance. Whether it’s between work and play, or resting and being active, taking time for some solitude or encouraging myself to be more social. Whether it’s between eating right and knowing when to give into cravings, when to be kind to myself and when to make sure my ego isn’t leading the way, are all things that are relevant and worth keeping in check. Because when one thing is out of balance, you’ll be surprised how ones daily peace of mind that can effect.

I know sometimes life throws things at you and you just have to get on with it and ride it out but in general I belive it’s good and actually necessary to take some time out your day to just evaluate and connect with how you’re feeling and be truthful with yourself when doing so. Because there’s nothing wrong with admitting where you might need more balance, it’s easy to get out of sync with our fast paced lifestyles. But just make sure you make a conscious effort to make the adjustment you feel you need to. Not through feeling guilty but because you know it will be a positive addition to your life and because it will be good for your soul. It’s never healthy to act from a place of guilt and trust me when I say, that for me it took a lot of years to truly learn, accept and change that way of thinking. For a long time guilt was the drive in a lot of things and decisions that I made. Occasionally that creeps back in but I try to recognise it as quickly as I possible can and correct it.


I hope you take this post with the loving and helpful intentions it was posted with. It’s as much as reminder to me as it is to anyone else reading this. I also hope you like my outfit.

Love and light to you all,

Daniella x







Le Specs Sunglasses

Topshop Blouse – similar HERE


Superga Shoes


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