Florals Under The Blossom Tree





Romantic florals, the evening sun and a beautiful blossom tree set the tone for today’s post. Doubling up on florals can be slightly challenging, it’s definitely easier to pair a simple t-shirt with a good pair of jeans. But I was in the moose for something more romantic, more intriguing to the eyes and an outfit that with the right imagination could tell a story.

I look at these photos and I remember how I felt wearing this look and I felt as though I had been transported in time where my outfit felt as though I could have lived on an old American ranch. In where love my pretty dresses but wear my cowboy boots because androgyny was just as alive back then as it is now.


  I can’t say all the outfits I style give me the inspiration to let my imagination wonder but when they do, it’s a bonus. Because as I’ve always so often thought, getting dressed, personal style she be expressive of how you feel that day but also be lighthearted and enjoyable, not a task.


I hope old you like the look and wishing you a wonderful new week. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x








(old) Floral Blouse

(old) Zara Floral maxi dress

(old) Western Boots


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