Like The Flowers Need The Rain: Friday’s Food For Thought






I’m someone who’s mood can be so up and down, I’m a cancer and we are governed by the ever changing moon. I really hate feeling anything other then happy, peaceful and content.  But I understand and appreciate that sometimes we have to feel low, unhappy and out of sync sometimes, in order to grow. It’s like how our world needs the rain from time to time. I’ve never quite understood how one day I can feel on top the world and the next feel absolutely rubbish and quite often for what feels like for no distinct reason. Thankfully this week, I’ve actually felt consistently upbeat and energised. I’ve felt calm, peaceful, content with trusting that I’m in a good place now and that if I continue to do and work on my side of things that the benevolent universe will bless me with abundant future and that there is magic and miracles ready to occur at any given moment.


I wanted to to document this feeling on here to remind you and my future self, that when we are having our low points, it’s just a period of time that will eventually pass and it’s going to feel so good when we are back to our beautiful, vibrant peaceful and positive selves. You are capable and worthy of feeling good things as I am I and don’t you forget or ever doubt that. And never ever feel guilty for feeling happy or having blessing in your life. It took me a long time to learn that but guilt can work in weird ways and hold you back from achieving your personal successes and abundance. So don’t say sorry for being in a good place just because others aren’t.


Anyway on to todays lookand this yellow dress has made a return (  last seen here) and this time I went for a more structured approach. Teaming the delicate flowing lace with the light blue blazer and pointed white mules. Last time it was just me, this dress and nature, so this more polished way of styling gave the dress a whole new feel. Something I striver for when re-styling a piece.


Wishing you a wonderful and lucky Friday the 13th and a lovely, sunny weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







Le Specs Sunglasses

Mango Blazer

Topshop Lace Dress

(old) Warehouse Mules



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